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What are the best environmental jobs for the Future

If you are an environmental lover and want to fight pollution to save the planet, these professions are just what you need

If you are searching for the best green jobs for the future then you have landed on the right page. 

The increase in the world population, growing concern for the environment and the rise of careers that aim at a more sustainable planet mean that workers and companies around the world think of working methods that allow them to act in a friendly way with the environment. From this concern have arisen some professions, highlighted as being ideal for those who seek to save the planet.

Is there anything better than working with an extra work goal? What do you have the ability to pursue a personal goal while you work? Is there anything more appealing than fighting for a good cause day by day? Lovers of the planet will no longer have to choose between their environmental concern and their job, nor be satisfied with introducing recycling policies in their offices or teach environmentally friendly attitudes to their peers, because with these professions they can have both at the same time.

Working and at the same time saving the planet is possible, especially with some professions in the sectors of Energy, Environment, Sciences, Biology, Engineering and Technology.

Are you a lover of the planet and looking for the best green jobs? Do you want to save earth from pollution? These eight professions are just what you need:

1) Biotechnologist

This professional uses living things and their biological mechanisms to create new products or techniques friendly to the environment that can be applied in different industries. The work of Biotechnologists is applied in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, trying to reduce pollution to the planet that occurs in these areas.

Their work is varied, but according to their knowledge they can work for example to create types of plastic that degrade faster, and cosmetics or medicines in which animal experimentation is not necessary.

2) Agronomist

Agricultural engineers seek to make the most of the natural resources, seeking sustainable solutions for the development of the agricultural sector, the rural environment and the agri-food industry.

Among its tasks is to develop biodegradable products or biofuels that allow the machinery to operate but to some extent take care of the planet.

3) Agricultural scientists

The professionals of the agriculture look for the methods to perfect their plantations, to improve the conditions of their crops and livestock. But at the same time, they must use their science knowledge to solve food conservation problems, make them healthier and more durable, so they constantly study and face environmental problems.

4) Urban planner or town planner

Overpopulated regions are a clear synonym of pollution. The task of urban planners is precise to prevent such cases. With their knowledge, they will be able to design spaces where everything flows in a favourable way for the planet.

5) Hydrologists

As its name indicates, these professionals work with water. Their work focuses on both groundwater and surface water, which they analyse based on their movements and interaction with the soil.

Among other tasks, they are dedicated to investigate and understand the activity of glaciers, looking for ways to prevent their disappearance.

6) Biochemist

Biochemists work with all kinds of organisms, from the largest to those that are only visible under a microscope lens. They work in diverse industries, emphasizing the pharmaceutical and the food, but also they influence in the agricultural industry with which they can contribute to the development of pesticides less harmful for the crops and the planet.

7) Geologist

Geologists study the earth and its composition, focusing especially on rocks and fossils but also on different environmental phenomena such as earthquakes. His work seeks to understand, so it will be of great help in preventing this type of phenomena, and at the same time will allow other professionals to perform their work with greater precision.

Because of their knowledge of the soil, geologists can make great contributions to agricultural engineers and urban planners.

8) Environmental Engineer

The main task of any Environmental Engineer is to analyse the damages that certain processes can cause in the soil, air and atmosphere, and from that evaluation propose new solutions that are friendly to the environment. They can work in the construction sector, along with architects or urban planners, but also in large industries such as oil.

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