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Top 5 instant messaging applications – Free Chatting software for Computer

Download free instant messaging applications that you can use on your computer when you are in the office

We present the best and free instant messaging applications for your computer that you can download for free and use in the office, at your home or anywhere you carry your laptop. They have some advantages over mobile instant messaging, such as screen size, physical keyboard, storage space and potential usage while performing other tasks on the computer. Its interface is simple for you to learn quickly how they work, extending the possibilities beyond Skype or Whatsapp Web.

Best Instant Messaging Applications for your Computer

1.  HipChat

It works on various devices and allows access to integrations, which consist of optimizations installed separately depending on the needs of the user so that the application is completely customized.

2. WeChat

Its origin is Asian and offers several original functions that will keep you entertained. You need to have your cell phone on hand to scan the QR code, so you can start or continue conversations with your contacts.

3. Slack

It is an intuitive service that facilitates its use, being ideal for the virtual conversations of work or study due to its high level of organization. It is possible to create groups by creating a cloud office for all involved to participate.

4. Line

It has a classic interface that imitates the old Messenger, offering a window for viewing contacts and another for each conversation started. It is funny as to the variety of stickers that presents to decorate your chats although you can only activate it on the computer as an additional device to the mobile because it works on few devices simultaneously.

5.  Telegram

It is an application that does not require storage space because conversation histories are automatically saved in the cloud. It allows you to connect from any device because when you synchronize them, you can start writing a message on your mobile and finish it on the tablet. The data is not lost even if you change devices and there are no limits to the size of files, photos, videos or audios that you send.

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