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Are COVID-19 conspiracy theories False or True?

Amid Covid, launch of 5g Technology and the New World Order there is a new level of distrust among public. People are researching online before trusting any news coming from the official sources. However, we need to find out why such situation has arisen where people have stopped believing anything and everything told by the mainstream media?

2014 and 2017 videos predicting Future Surprise Outbreaks

Watch Video: Dr. Fauci warned Trump Administration about a Surprise Outbreak in 2017

Also Watch Video of President Obama Warning the U.S to prepare for a pandemic in 2014.

Whether you call it a mere coincidence, some doctors and scientists on the other hand including Dr. Shiva Ayyudarai do not believe so. He has been regularly updating users both on Youtube and Facebook  debunking this whole covid as a scandal by the “Deep State”.

Dr. Shiva Ayyudarai is himself a MIT Scientist with P.H.D in biological engineering.

Watch Dr.Shiva on the whole issue of coronavirus.


Watch the video and decide yourself on which side of the coin you are. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and then Decide. The purpose of the post is to aware users on why there is an increasing distrust of mainstream media and why is it growing so fast.

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