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Air Pollution in India – A Silent Killer

According to WHO, up to 125,000 children under the age of five die in India because of air pollution.

A new report published on Tuesday by the World Health Organization ( WHO ) showed that India tops the list of countries where there are more deaths of children under five years due to air pollution.

The report entitled “Air Pollution and Children ‘s Health,” which found that in 2016 more than 125,000 children died because of the high levels of pollution that present the air.

India: Pollution, the Silent Killer



Also a study in the death of 67,000 children under five years because of determined presented polluted air that occurs in homes by burning fossil fuels like coal, other 61,000 died from the contaminated air outside, the product of the emission of gases from vehicles.

The high mortality rate in children is due to the fact that child has lungs, soft organs, and brain in the process of maturation; therefore, their breathing is faster and longer, in taking more polluted air.

Last Saturday, the Central Pollution Control Board of the Ministry of the Environment, Forests and Climate Change of India showed great concern about the general index of air quality (AQI) reached by New Delhi, which is 413 exceeding six times the indexes that are considered safe.

Due to the serious situation in the Indian capital, some activists called on the Supreme Court to order a complete ban on the explosion of firecrackers during Diwali, a celebration that will be held on November 7 and marks the beginning of the year. new Hindu

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