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How Air Conditioning Damages the Environment?

How Air Conditioners are damaging your Environment?

Air conditioning has been around for more than a century now and people rely on ACs particularly in hot and humid environments. While AC’s cool down your house, they have severe negative impact on the environment. AC’s also release harmful posisonous gases such as chloroflourocarbons and hydro-chloroflourocarbons which have negative impact on the environment. These gases are part of the gases which generate greenhouse effect trapping heat and ultimately leading to the deplition of the ozone layer.

How Your Regular AC is Damaging Environment?

The air conditioning systems that keep houses, shops and offices cool are gaining popularity in an increasingly hot world. But what consequences will the extra electricity they require have? Will climate change exacerbate or can this impact be prevented with more efficient technologies?

The planet is getting warmer, as evidenced by the fact that 16 of the 17 hottest years recorded occurred since 2001 , according to climatologists. It is not surprising then that the demand for air conditioning equipment has skyrocketed. The energy they require will triple by 2050 , according to estimates by the International Energy Agency. This means that by 2050, the world’s air conditioning systems will use the current electricity generating capacity of the United States, the European Union and Japan combined.

How AC’s Impact our Environment ?

While usage of AC is important in certain situations, but we have seen people exploiting its use. When it is raining outside and cool, you will still find Ac’s running in various houses. Instead of opening windows and letting fresh cool air to circulate into their house, people prefer to keep windows shut and let AC do its Job 24/7 without realising how its blatant usage is impacting environment. The harmful hot air which is emitted by the exhaust unit of AC works to increase temperature outside while you relax in your house.

How Increasing use of Air Conditioners is affecting our Environment?

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