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20 Ghost Ships sending GPS Signals

The way to make the war changes constantly, and with it the weapons that are used. For several years now, the naval environments have been talking about the threat posed by the so-called GPS spoofing, which would consist of forging GPS signals from ships. But to date, it has never been proven that it was being used. Until now.

A report by the US Maritime Administration refers to a curious occurrence in the Black Sea in which the GPS signals of twenty ships of different nationalities showed erroneous data so that it seemed that the ships were inland, Specifically at a port.

According to US naval authorities, this could be the first documented case of forging GPS signals from a ship. Until now, there were only cases of cyber attacks that had hacked the positioning signals of the ships, turning them off. But the new technique is more sophisticated, as it may make one believe that a ship is thousands of miles from where it lies.

But where can these attacks come from? No one knows for sure, but American intelligence looks at Russia.

Be that as it may, it seems that a new era is opening: that of the naval cyberwar.

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