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10 Key Depression Symptoms, Warning Signs & Natural Cure

Depression can get triggered by number of reasons. However, the biggest problem with depression is that it cannot be identified easily especially in the initial stages. This is the most critical point of time. Most of the times patient is unaware of whats going on with his body and he/she thinks they are simply unwell. The symptoms of depression are different than other diseases or illness. Depression can be triggered by various unfortunate events which are beyond your control or even overdose of strong medicines.

According to the WHO, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. This problem affects women more than men, and can become very serious, especially if it is prolonged over time and not treated properly. Fortunately, there are very effective treatments to combat depression, which goes through an appropriate diagnosis by a professional and personalized therapy. One of the problems that aggravate the situation is that the majority of those affected do not dare to consult the specialist, so the symptoms continue to progress and interfere in daily life so that the person suffering from depression can come to live situations Like the loss of work, isolation, couple fight and much more. Dont forget to watch some of the remedies, diets and solutions for curing depression towards bottom of this page.

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10 Key Symptoms of Depression

  1. Guilt & Hopelessness –¬†Depressed people experience a general sense of disinterest and apathy and do not feel able to do anything to overcome their situation or change it, so guilt begins to appear.¬†Feeling of guilt that grows as the feeling increases that do not develop as before or are unable to cope with daily tasks.
  2. Restlessness and irritability –¬†The emotional instability of the depressed person will cause unnecessary worries about the smallest things of the day to day or exaggerated reactions to any setback.¬†It is also normal that, in just a few hours, experience marked mood changes, going from joy to deepest sadness without apparent reasons.
  3. Excessive crying –¬†It is very important not to confuse depression with sadness, since the second is a natural feeling that is born of a fact that causes us to feel discouraged or sorry.¬†The first includes a different sadness, as it affects everyday life and prevents it from continuing with normality.¬†Depressed people are overcome by emotion in many daily situations and are unable to control the crying, which occurs, most of the time, in an unjustified way.
  4. Loss of interest –¬†Depression can change the character and also the will.¬†Thus, the depressed person can stop being interested in the things that filled his life, from studies or work to family, leisure and friendships.¬†It is even possible that he abandoned the hobbies that made him enjoy.¬†Little by little, she may begin to isolate herself and feel misunderstood by her surroundings, a situation that may cause her to take refuge in the past, for in the present she will only find solitude and incomprehension, and the future will be for her something unknown and gray that produces uneasiness.
  5. Fatigue and low energy –¬†The tasks that were once simple are now a real challenge, and carrying them out is an impossible mission, so the routine is a real burden since the beginning of the day, which causes mental and physical discomfort, which translates into reluctance and Permanent fatigue¬†In addition, the suffering caused by being depressed carries a physical weight that makes the patient feel permanently exhausted.
  6. Lack of concentration –¬†Depression affects the patient’s mood and can damage the ability to concentrate and its effectiveness and performance in work and studies.¬†The “reigning” sadness, discouragement, negative thoughts … make the mind can not focus on daily tasks and daily obligations, which pass to a secondary level and sometimes come to be abandoned.
  7. Changes in appetite –¬†Depression affects the appetite: it can cause apathy or, on the contrary, exaggerated desire to eat.¬†This causes the weight to change: there may be loss because the person neglects their dietary routines or because the lack of activity decreases the appetite;¬†And may increase because the situation leads the patient to take foods richer in sugars or more caloric to feel, for a few moments, better or more satisfied.¬†It is normal also in depressed people to neglect the image, not only because of eating disorders;¬†Also because they project in their aspect their inner storm.
  8. Sleep disorders –¬†By excess or by defect, in the depressive also appears the problems of the dream.¬†Depressed people can sleep for hours and hours, yet feel depleted.¬†This exhaustion is born of tiredness caused by continuous negative thoughts, unnecessary worries … At the same time, this drowsiness is the escape route to not face the pending tasks.¬†The opposite may also be the case: difficulty sleeping due to low mood.¬†Both cases involve a disturbance in the quantity and quality of sleep that distances the person from the necessary rest and general well-being.
  9. Indecision –¬†The depressed person is blocked when making decisions.¬†To begin with, analyzing the pros and cons will be a real challenge that will take hours, and finally, whatever you do, there will appear the fear of being wrong, insecurity and guilt.
  10. Physical pain –¬†Worries, crying … often cause headaches in depressed people.¬†The symptoms of depression also produce back and muscle aches and digestive disorders, such as having the feeling of having a knot in the pit of the stomach.¬†These physical discomforts have no justified organic cause.

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