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What is the Meaning of Word “Woke” in Politics?

In politics, the term “woke” refers to a concept associated with social awareness, particularly in relation to issues of systemic injustice and inequality. It emerged from African American Vernacular English and gained prominence as a social and political term.

Being “WOKE in Politics” specifically means you prefer to apply Logical side of your Brain before you accept anything as Truth or False. Sometimes what is being shown in Paid Media is not always correct and you need to have clear understanding of different aspects. For example, one side of the media might show a particular politician in bad light whereas other side of the media show that same politician in positive way. You need to analyze and understand both the aspects clearly to understand which side of the media is showing the true picture.

Being “woke” means being conscious and aware of societal issues, particularly those related to race, gender, and social justice. It involves recognizing and challenging systemic oppression, discrimination, and inequality. The term is often used to describe individuals or groups who actively engage in political activism and advocate for social change.

The concept of being woke has been influential in various political movements, such as civil rights, feminist, movements, as well as broader discussions on identity politics. It emphasizes the need to challenge and dismantle oppressive structures and promote equity and inclusivity in society.

However, it’s important to note that the term “woke” can also be subject to different interpretations and critiques. Some argue that it has been diluted or misused to imply performative activism or superficial engagement with social issues. Others contend that it has become divisive or used as a pejorative term to dismiss certain political viewpoints. As with any term, its meaning and implications can vary depending on context and perspective.

Sometimes people who are not WOKE or have very obstinate view about one particular subject particularly Politics are also known as “Sheeples” or “Sheeps”.

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