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Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand leaves 5 dead and many injured

Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand leaves 5 dead

Earlier, on Monday (9 December) on New Zealand’s White Island, the death toll of sudden volcanic eruption was stated to be 5 and 18 others were reported injured. Apart from this, many people were stranded there. Police said there were about 50 people on White Island when the volcano suddenly exploded around noon.

The death toll from a volcanic eruption on White Island has risen to 6, after an injured man died on Tuesday evening at Auckland Hospital in New Zealand. Police said the death toll from the volcanic eruption has risen to 6 after confirming the death of another person. Also, the condition of 25 of the 55 people injured by the volcanic eruption on New Zealand’s hugely popular White Island on Monday remains critical.

In this horrific event of volcanic eruption 6 people have died and 8 others are missing.The police issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that the condition of 25 people admitted to seven different hospitals remains very critical.

Police said there is little hope of the missing people surviving. The missing people include tourists from Australia, USA, UK, China and Malaysia. He was accompanied by a guide from New Zealand.

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