What are the Top 10 Things to do in Ibiza Spain

There are many things that can only be done on the island of Ibiza. So many, you probably do not have time to do them all during your vacation, but you should do some of them if you want to have a good time and enjoy your time on the island. So that you do not miss the most essential, we have prepared a list of ten things you can do in Ibiza.

In a place like Ibiza, there are many activities in contact with nature that you can do but always try to respect the environment so others can find it in the same state in which you have found it. Also, many things to do in Ibiza that we propose are free, so in addition to enjoying your time, you will take care of your pocket.

1. Visit Dalt Vila – Top 10 Family things to do in ibiza

The walled city of Dalt Vila should be one of the obligatory points for all visitors to Ibiza, for its impressive walls and the beauty and tranquility that walks through its old cobbled streets. But you can do much more than simply stroll through the streets of Old Ibiza, such as visiting the Cathedral of Ibiza, approaching the viewpoint of the Cathedral, eating on any of the terraces and even have a few drinks. However, the slopes of their slopes make it a rather difficult road to travel during the day in the hottest months, so many opt to visit it at night, with a different atmosphere.

The historical center of Dalt Vila is declared a World Heritage Site.

To visit Dalt Vila is advisable not only to know a little of the history of Ibiza but to enjoy an unbeatable ride. The views change completely day and night, so we recommend visiting at different times of the day. For beach lovers, Dalt Vila is one of the things that can be done in Ibiza when it rains or when the day is cloudy. + More information: Dalt Vila

2. Be astonished at Es Vedra – Best places to visit

Surely the islet of Es Vedra is one of the most famous images of Ibiza. With its almost 400 meters of height that rise almost vertically from the sea, the magic of Es Vedra captivates all who observe it. And it is not only a tourist area: many Ibiza people need to see the island from time to time to feel protected by the energy that emanates from this point.

Visiting it is not only worth for Es Vedra: the area is an incomparable beauty, with a natural environment of great pine forests. Also, there are other things to do in the area, such as visiting the small town of Es Cubells or bathing on the beach of Cala short.

3. Bathe you on the beach – Best Free things to do in ibiza

Surely you had thought of this just after thinking of setting foot in Ibiza. The beaches of Ibiza are certainly the best in the Mediterranean Sea, and some of them are in many listings of the best beaches in the world.

Do we need to say that one of the things you have to do in Ibiza is to bathe in its transparent waters?

Also, the variety of beaches on the island invites you to do much more things than sunbathing and sunbathing: diving, jumping into the water from small cliffs, jet skis or eating a good plate of Ibizan gastronomy from a restaurant on the beach.

4. Visit Formentera – One of the Top 10 things to do in ibiza town

It sounds paradoxical, but one of the best things you can do in Ibiza is to leave this island … to visit another even better. Formentera is a wonderful island that does not have an airport, and its only way of communication with the rest of the world is the ferry that joins its port with that of Ibiza.

Although Formentera deserves an in-depth visit of several days, you can have a first contact with this small island on a return trip with the same and day. Here you have a small Guide of Formentera where we tell you the best thing to do on that island, and we offer you a discount code so that you can travel at the best price. An unforgettable place

5. Rent your Boat in the Pitiusas

We just lied to you. The ferry is not the only way to travel to Formentera: in a few minutes you can hire a boat and travel with your friends to this island … or if you prefer you can spend the day in S-Espa Mador, in the Salinas or bathing in your beach Favorite of Ibiza. Obviously, if you do not have permission to carry a boat do not worry: you can also travel with a skipper on board.

If you travel with family, with friends or want to surprise your partner, this option is excellent and much cheaper than you imagine. If you are already dreaming of sailing in Ibiza, ask for your desired dates to rent a boat in Ibiza, and we will answer you quickly.

6. Dancing in Ibiza! – Top 10 must do in ibiza

Ibiza is one of the places of the world where the night is lived more intensely. Every day, the different discos of the island change their decoration to create a new musical style.

Possibly, the most difficult thing for those who seek to spend a night dancing is to choose which disc to choose. Check our calendar of parties to decide what is your favorite music and enjoy the Ibiza night.

7. Watch the sunset – Top 10 things to see and do in ibiza

One of the things you can do if you go to Ibiza is to burn in your retinas one of the sunsets that the island offers you. If you spend the day at the beach and want to go out at night, surely you have a time span in between … and is that there are always things to do in Ibiza!

The sunsets from the sea are spectacular

Throughout the west coast of Ibiza the sunset is visible, and for many, it is magical to see the sun melt into the sea, in a natural spectacle that transforms the sky and the sea of ​​precious shades. You can see the sunset from mythical sites like Café del Mar, from beaches like Benirràs and live the hippie atmosphere or look for your secret corner to see it in solitude. + More information: The best Ibiza sunsets

8. Give you a mud bath – Best things to do

One of the most attractive things that can be done for a beach tourist in Ibiza and Formentera is to take a mud bath in Ibiza and of which you have very little information are the places where one can enjoy a natural mud bath.

A free activity that can be enjoyed in many of the beaches of Ibiza and that besides fun, is beneficial for our skin. + More information: Mud baths in Ibiza

9. Dance at the Feast of the drums of Benirràs

Benirràs beach already deserves a visit on its own, although watching the drums party is one of the authentic things that can still be seen in Ibiza from the legacy left to us by the hippies on the island.

Although it started spontaneously by a group of hippies who found in this place a magic point thanks to the light that is projected from the sea, at the moment it is an event that few are lost, and Benirràs has become one of the beaches essential. By the way, if you want to feel like a hippie more in Ibiza, you can also do something to help the party by playing drum … + More information: Feira de Los tambours de Benirràs

10. Shopping for hippie markets

The legacy left on Ibiza by hippies is elongated in many cases. The markets are one of the places where one can live the essence, stroll and take a look at original and artisan products.

But there are other things to do in these markets in Ibiza: live performances of rhythmic groups with drums and restaurants with good food are another of the activities that can be done in these authentic markets.

The markets are the ideal place to buy original souvenirs. What are the best things to do in ibiza ? Visit Hippie Markets

Of course, it is the ideal place to do your shopping in Ibiza, both souvenirs and to remember this trip. In many cases, the products on sale are unique, so we are sure to take something original.

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