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Top 10 Safest Countries/Destination for Women to Travel Alone

If traveling alone is already a challenge, think about what it is like to be a woman and travel alone. That is because, unfortunately, we have recurrent cases of sieges and violence against women in different parts of the world.

With that in mind, we made a special list of 10 ideal and safe places for women who feel like traveling alone all over the world .:)

Top 10 destinations for women to travel alone. These destination are also perfect for Couples and those who are going on Honeymoon.

1. Australia

Australia is a very safe country. It has a near zero crime rate. Melbourne, its capital, has been chosen several times as one of the best cities to live.

On top of that, the Australian people are very receptive to tourists and immigrants.

And you do not need to worry about sieges on the streets or at parties, as Australians are very respectful of women.

It is the ideal destination to enjoy the beaches, nature, and nightlife full of movement of the cities of the country. And the best: without fear of being insecure in an unknown place.

2. New Zealand

A neighbor of Australia, New Zealand is not very different in the security requirement. The country ranks fourth in the global peace index.

How nice would it be to visit the most beautiful landscapes in the world without worrying about diseases in the streets, walking around cute places of shorts without any problem and taking advantage of the beaches of the country in the greatest tranquility? It’s almost a dream, right?

On top of that, it is very simple and safe to move around in New Zealand so that you can visit different cities in the time you stay there.

3. Ireland

If you want to take a trip away from the beaches and the heat, Ireland is the country to go. There, it is not at all strange to watch women traveling alone.

Also, the Irish are receptive and friendly. You can go alone in many pubs in the country and come back full of friends!

You can enjoy the cold and the Irish landscapes with great tranquility and security.

4. Costa Rica

How about staying in Latin America and knowing it?

Costa Rica is the country of Central America that receives more women traveling alone as the safest country in the central part of the American continent.

There is no one who does not talk about the country with a smile on his face. Friendly and friendly, greeting everyone with their official greeting: “Pura Vida!” .(I.e. That’s because the local people are very

Because of the economy of the country, coming mainly from tourism, Costa Ricans care a lot about the well being of their visitors, so they always return. What is not difficult to happen, because the natural beauties of Costa Rica are incredible.

5. Scandinavia

Scandinavia reaches Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Norway and Denmark, for example, were already chosen at different times as the happiest places to live. They are extremely developed and safe countries, with an excellent quality of life. The people may not be as lively as we are, Latinos, but they are solicitous, pleasant, and mostly respectful of women. Also, they also know how to make a good party!

Other things that stand out in the region of Scandinavia are the paisans and the color of the cities. Perfect attractions for travelers looking for an inspiring place.

6. Vietnam

And speaking of inspiring places, did you know that the Vietnam is one of the safest destinations in Southeast Asia for women to travel alone?

It is possible to travel to Vietnam (and to any other Southeast Asian country) departing from Australia or New Zealand. And, look: depending on where you are in these countries, it may be cheaper to travel to Asia than to other regions within these countries.

The Vietnamese are friendly and receptive to tourists. The country has a unique and interesting culture. It is also rich in natural beauties. It is a very charming place to meet, have fun, eat well and mainly learn about Asian customs.

7. Finland

One of the most peaceful and friendly countries in the world, Finland is the perfect destination for travelers who like cold and snow. The country, which at the beginning of the 20th century was one of the most insignificant European countries, today is an extension of the state of social welfare of Scandinavia: prosperous, incorruptible and modern.

It is the ideal place to know its natural and architectural beauties, with elegant houses with functional design. The cities of the country have many options of day trips and movement in the nightlife.

Going to Finland, you will have the opportunity to attend the lights of the Aurora BorealisAnd staying in igloos or ice hotels (I.e. A unique experience!

8. Canada

Of the countries of the American continent, Canada is the safest, occupying the eighth place in the World Peace Index. With that, Canada remains one of the best destinations for women who like to travel alone.

The country has a variety of walks, ranging from knowing villages in the middle of beautiful natural landscapes with mountains to the most modern and cosmopolitan cities.

The Canadian people are considered the most receptive people in the world, that is, a motive that makes destiny safe for women.

In addition to that, the cultural scene of the country is huge with great museums and festivals.

Thinking of traveling in a country that has everything a little? Canada is the perfect place for you!

9. Belgium

If you like history, then you will fall in love with Belgium.

The country enters for Europe’s safest and most peaceful list, being a must-see destination for women who wish to travel alone.

The cities of Belgium have buildings, such as castles and parks, made in the Middle Ages and very well preserved. It is impossible not to be charmed with the whole history that has passed through the country.

Belgium still presents one of the best gastronomies in Europe, with the best french fries in the world, tasty chocolates, and incredible beers

It is a trip with full package: history + beautiful scenery + good food.

10. Iceland

Of all the countries on the list, Iceland is the safest country to travel alone. It is the first in the World Peace Index, and its people are very receptive and educated with tourists.

Being the second largest European island, the country stays in the most polar part of Europe, that is, liking cold is one of the prerequisites to visit the country. With phenomena such as the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Aurora Borealis in the winter, Iceland has beautiful natural attractions such as waterfalls, volcanoes, and thermal pools.

Its capital Reykjavik is the hipster destination of the moment, famous for its calm bucolic during the day and its nightlife social busy during the night.

You think it’s a wonderful place to meet, do not you?

What’s up? Did you like our chosen destinations? It is important to remember that traveling alone can be complicated, but it is an excellent experience of self-knowledge and, of course, knowing the world.

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