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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches Galicia Spain

Many say that in Galicia are the best beaches in Spain. Helios7 brings you top 10 beaches in Galicia Spain.

With 1498 kilometers of peninsular coast and 131 blue flag beaches in 2015, choosing the ten best beaches in Galicia is no easy task. In any case, and as somewhere you have to start, here is a selection of the best sand in which to take a bath this summer. From north to south and east to west, these are the ten beaches that we recommend you to visit in Galicia.

To choose them we have counted on the expert advice of Inma of the blog the World to Travel, that is a Galician of pro and is known all the Arenales Gallegos the finger. If you are thinking of going to Galicia, here are your ten most beautiful beaches.

1. Playa de las Catedrales, Ribadeo – Among top Beaches in Galicia

Recently chosen as the best in Spain by the users of Helios7.com, it could not stop being the first in the list. The Playa de las Catedrales, also known by the name of Aguas Santas, is located just 10 kilometers from the coastal town of Ribadeo, town council to which it belongs.

The World famous for its spectacular rock formations in the shape of arches and vaults, in the style of those that can be found in cathedral complexes, it has been modeled by the erosion that the water and the wind have caused in the cliffs from distant times.

To visit it as it deserves, take a look at the tide table beforehand, match your visit with the low tide and request a place on the website of the same with 15 days in advance. As a protected space, a daily quota of visitors has recently been established.

2. Playa de Pantín, Valdovino – Most beautiful surf beaches in Galicia

If surfing is your thing, you’ve probably heard of the scoring test for the world championship held in this arena of Valdoviño, next to Ferrol towards the end of the summer: the Classic Pantin. The atmosphere that this competition brings to this beach of fine white sand certainly contrasts with the tranquility that you will enjoy it during the rest of the year.

From the open sea, it is likely that when you visit it, you will find the full force of the Atlantic Ocean in its maximum splendor, with strong wind and waves. Elements that will do nothing but increase their beauty. Of course, before entering your waters, study in advance your currents to enjoy the ‘temperate’ (frozen!) Waters of Pantin from security.

3. Playa del Orzan, La Coruna

The Galician urban beach par excellence that has nothing to envy to others like the Barceloneta, in Barcelona, ​​or the Concha, in San Sebastián is the Orzán. Sharing Arenal with Riazor, there is no day of the year that locals do not take advantage of to do sport along with their walk and enjoy there, once again, icy waters.

Well suited to begin in sports such as bodyboarding or surfing for its small waves, sometimes it puts in villa to the whole city bringing all the force of the sea, with waves that surpass the rails of the walk and flood the attached road.

The rest of the year is the perfection made sandy with all the amenities you would expect from a beach of these characteristics. From 10!

4. Area Longa Beach, Muros

Located at the foot of Monte Louro, a virgin environment and beauty that has nothing to envy the beaches of turquoise waters that we are accustomed to seeing in tourist brochures, it is part of a space protected by its diversity and unique ecosystem. It is formed by a sandy area separated by a dune zone of the lagoon of Xalfas, that in turn is communicated with the sea by a small channel. From the lagoon, bird lovers can enjoy the Anatidae and other species that use it for wintering.

5. Playa del Castro de Barona, Porto do Son

Another wonder that could not miss in this list of the best Galician beaches is the beach attached to the archeological site of Castro de Baroña. Combining history and fun is possible in this unique spot, which is accessed on foot after a small route through a pine forest. If the inhabitants of this peninsula chose Baroña as a base to settle in the Iron Age, we could get an idea of ​​the idyllic landscape and the good conditions that are given for the enjoyment of it.

A major is one of the most emblematic nudist beaches in Galicia where the conditions for surfing are unbeatable.

6. Playa del Dique, Porto do Son

Also known as Rio Maior, due to the water course that crosses it and that forms at low tide a large lagoon in the most collected part of it, is located at a short distance from the beach of Castro de Baroña. Not surprisingly, the estuary of Muros and Noia, the most northerly of the Rias Baixas of Galicia, and in particular the municipality of Porto do Son is dotted with quasi-virgin beaches, with no immediate access and fine sand that make them incredibly attractive For tourists and locals who are not scared by the temperature of the water and appreciate the high quality of the Galician beaches. Essential!

7. Rio Sieira beach, Porto do Son

Already towards the end of the estuary of Muros and Noia and being able to reach a high summer occupation, this beach extends along 800 meters parallel to a pine forest that has rotisseries of public use that you can enjoy outside the summer season. With good access and once again a sand of a very high quality that will make you do not want to leave until the sun sets, it takes the name of the Sierra River being located at its mouth.

Also with the name of Furnas, on this beach, you will find the perfect conditions to start surfing, as well as several schools that teach classes of this sport with which you will no longer have an excuse to get in shape on your vacation.

8. Playa de Vilar, Corrubedo – Galicia Beach Resorts

Of virgin environment and more than 1 kilometer in length, this great sand is integrated within the dune complex of Corrubedo and the lagoons of Vixán and Carregal. As such, the accesses to the same are very defined, and it is prohibited to leave the same so as not to damage the dune fabric.

We recommend you visit the resort’s interpretation center near the beach. You will learn why this beach is much more than a simple sand and the importance of its protection for the future of the area.

9. Playa de la Lanzada, Province of Pontevedra – Galicia Beach Towns

Between the estuary of Ribeira and the one of Pontevedra, facing the Atlantic sea is the famous beach of La Lanzada. Its almost 2 and a half miles make it especially attractive for the endless number of tourists that populate this area in summer. Not in vain, O Grove is one of the Galician towns that most tourist welcome in the summer season and many people decide to approach this arenal to spend the day. Even with all of them, and because of its size, it is difficult to feel bothered by the rest of bathers as its high occupancy is distributed throughout the length of it, which makes it even more perfect if it fits.

10. Rhodes Beach, Cies Islands

If there is a Galician beach that deserves to close this list, this is Rhodes, The Beach with capital letters, recognized as the best in the world by the prestigious newspaper The Guardian a few years ago. The locals know it as the Caribbean, because of its turquoise waters but do not lead to deceit, part of its exclusivity lies in that it is part of the Atlantic Islands Park, and as such, the temperature of its waters is far from being warm. In any case, it is an essential visit in any trip to Galicia that is worth, so reserve your place with time not to stay on land, because there is a tourist quota established to maintain it as it is, virgin, unique and beautiful.

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