The Crucial BX500 Vs MX500 SSD? Which one is better

Find out which SSD is better

There is no doubt that if there is a flagship manufacturer of SSD drives, it is Crucial. They have an extensive catalog and, really, all the models they offer end up becoming top sellers because they are quite cheap . Today we are going to compare two of its solid-state models, with a 2.5″ format and SATA 3 interface, such as the Crucial BX500 vs MX500 , to see which of the two is more worth buying.

We are faced with two SSDs within the same brand, both of the 2.5-inch type with SATA interface and that stand out compared to other units of the same type on the market for quite low sales prices , with the addition that we can frequently purchase them In addition, with added offers that reduce its cost even more. That makes them excellent alternatives for users who want to enjoy the benefits of a high-capacity SSD without spending a month’s salary.

Here you have, for example, the best-selling 480 and 500 GB models, both from Crucial and with very similar technical specifications. But which of them stands out above the other?

Crucial BX500 vs. MX500
Crucial BX500 Crucial MX500
Format 2.5″ 2.5″, M.2
Interface SATA 3 SATA 3
Capacity (GB) 120, 240, 480, 960, 1920 250, 500, 1000, 2000
speed Reading 540MB/s 560MB/s
speed Writing 500MB/s 510MB/s
MTBF Up to 390TBW Up to 700TBW
Technology 3D NAND 3D NAND
Warranty 3 years 5 years

Although in many manufacturers the write and read speed changes depending on the capacity of the device, in the case of Crucial it is the same for all capacities, where the MX500 is postulated ahead of the BX500 although by very little. Where it does win a lot is in the useful life , since that of the MX500 is almost double that of the BX500, and proof of this is that it has a 5-year warranty compared to the 3 years that the manufacturer gives on the BX500 model.

This will only be useful in cases where the integrity of both the SSD itself and the data is at risk. For example, an area where the light goes out continuously, an unstable PC with repeated sporadic reboots and, in short, any unusual behavior for our computer. Both SSDs have, however, protection mechanisms against data loss if any of these unfortunate incidents should occur.

In addition, the difference in performance between the two models is really very low, something that we will not notice on a day-to-day basis, so when choosing which of the two is better we have to look at other factors such as the technologies implemented on each SSD

Technology BX500 MX500
Multi-step data integrity algorithm. Yeah Yeah
Thermal monitoring. Yeah Yeah
SLC write acceleration. Yeah Yeah
Active garbage collection. Yeah Yeah
Self Testing and Reporting Technology (SMART). Yeah Yeah
Error Correcting Code (ECC). Yeah Yeah
Dynamic write acceleration. No Yeah
Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN). No Yeah
Customizable thermal protection. No Yeah
Integrated power loss immunity. No Yeah
Support for device hibernation (DevSleep). No Yeah

As can be seen, the MX500 is significantly superior to the BX500 also in terms of the technologies used, and more than because of the increase in performance that is almost not noticeable. This is because apart from its different casing and slightly different name, the Crucial BX500 is a stripped down version of the MX500 so it’s based on a tried and tested product that has had a significant market run. Which is always a plus point.

So which of the two is the winner?

Easy, since the Crucial MX500 is shown to be much better than the BX500, due to the fact that its technologies give us greater guarantees of durability and integrity of the data that we have stored on the SSD. So it is more than clear that if we doubt between both models, there is no doubt that it is much more worth buying the Crucial MX500 before the BX500.

However, the Crucial BX500 is still an excellent option and with many guarantees if your budget is so tight as to not be able to pay the extra that the MX500 costs. Both are good options, but given the choice and if you can afford it, the MX500 should be your choice .

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