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How Tesla Actually built World’s Largest lithium-ion battery in South Australia

“This is history in the making”

Those were the words of Jay Weatherill Friday, Premier of South Australia, South Australia state, when it announced the launch of a huge battery lithium ion produced by Tesla, the world ‘s largest lithium battery.

The system was installed near Jamestown, a wind farm north of the city of Adelaide, the regional capital, and help prevent blackouts and improve power supply in the area, which suffers power outages due to constant heat waves. Its installation date coincides with the beginning of the austral summer.

The battery is capable of providing 100 megawatts once and promises to supply up to 30,000 homes for one hour. Its storage capacity is 129-megawatt hours (MWh).It is three times more powerful, and so far it is one the biggest batteries.

How Tesla built worlds largest lithium battery to address Australia Power Crisis

The goal, in addition to saving electricity, is to prevent accidents such as occurred in December 2016, when the entire region was left without power, Weatherill said.

Battery supply system which uses the same technology that electric cars Tesla are connected to a wind farm run by the French firm Neoen, which saves energy.

The new system is designed to overcome intermittency, one of the main obstacles to the expansion of renewable energy because the wind does not always blow at the same power or speed.

To overcome this problem, batteries will now store wind and solar energy release it at a constant rate so that electrical network is always connected. Weatherill said he hopes that with this new battery Australia lead the market for renewable energy.

The idea was born when Musk was challenged on Twitter to address energy problem in Australia.

Tesla owner undertook the challenge to build a battery in 100 days and ended up in delivering these lithium batteries within 63 days.

In an official statement, the company said its new battery “shows that a sustainable and effective energy solution is possible.” South Australia has faced a power crisis for years each year during austral summer.

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