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Car Accident Lawyers

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Car Accident Lawsuits

A car accident can put you in a dangerous or frightening situation. There are situations where driver or the passengers receive serious injuries resulting from a car accident. If you were injured in any type of car accident which happened due to negligence of someone then you must speak with your Car Accident Attorney.

There are times when a person may not bear any injury but he can still file a case in order to claim the insurance money for the money spent on repairs. Though it would take a long time in processing the case, but ultimately you get the money you spent on repairs.

Guidelines for filing the case and receiving the correct compensation:-

a) One must get all the insurance information about the driver involved in the accident. This information is more important if accident took place due to other party’s fault.

b) Take photographs of the accident scene at once as the insurance representative may not be come straight away after the accident. These photographs would help in setting up your case and may show the reasons for the accident. And thus, help in pursuing the lawsuit to recognize the guilty party.

c) Contact a claims representative at once, even if both the parties have to wait. The representative would fill the claims form, take photographs, and study the stories from both the parties, and speak to the witnesses if any.

d) It takes a long time to receive the compensation amount which would be several weeks to several months. The amount received from the insurance may not be full as compared to what you have spent on the repairs. But in cases where in the vehicle is fully damaged you would get the entire book value.

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