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Oceangate Titanic Tragedy 2023

(News Image and Video Source: CBS Sunday Morning)

Oceangate Titanic Tragedy: Implosion Killed all Occupants including CEO of the Company along with 2 Billionaires

For a whopping $250,000 per person, OceanGate Expeditions offers secluded expeditions to explore the depths of the Titanic wreckage. Tragically, the CEO of the company and at least two billionaires were among the five people that perished in the tragic submersible.

Experts say the Titan submersible suffered a catastrophic implosion that likely killed its pilot and four occupants instantly amid intense water pressure in the depths of the North Atlantic

Maritime investigators called the implosion the worst possible outcome of all the predicted scenarios during the desperate, non-stop search for the missing vessel.

Experts had warned that under intense pressure at extreme depths, the Titan’s hull could implode, killing anyone aboard the ship instantly.

The Titan’s greater internal volume, at 6.7 meters long and 10,432 kilograms (22,000 feet long) – albeit with a maximum of five people seated – meant it was under greater external pressure.

The water pressure at 12,000 feet down at the Titanic wreck site is about 400 atmospheres or 6,000 pounds per square inch.

The catastrophic implosion of the submarine could have been due to a gradual weakening of the structure

One expert said that “based on the debris that was found, what apparently happened was that the pressure chamber of the submersible did not sustain the high pressure at those depths, up to 2,633 kilos.

The “catastrophic implosion” suffered by the Titan tourist submersible on its journey to the Titanic wreck could be the result of the “slow and gradual weakening of the chamber material” by high external pressure, after previous deep dives, said this Friday to the EFE news agency Roger GarcĂ­a , director of operations of the Aquarius underwater base in Florida.

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