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5g Debate: Is 5g Harmful or Beneficial?

[21-5-2020] 5G brings tremendous speeds to the internet world which is almost 60 times higher than the existing 4g. However, every new technology which is introduced is bound to have its positive and negatives. However, in case of 5G this debate has spiraled into a ball of fire where people are actually seen burning 5g Towers. Some of these people are linking coronavirus to 5g whereas the technology firms behind 5g reject this theory as just another ‘conspiracy theory’.

5g installation requires a large numbers of towers to be set up in order to map the entire city as compared to 4G. Moreover these towers are installed right next to residential complexes.

Let us see if 5G is safe (as per business firms) or harmful (as per some people and anti-5g protestors)?

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