How to Build your Personal Brand Using Twitter

The social network Twitter is an ideal tool to increase your contacts, achieve loyalty followers, make yourself visible in the digital world and improve your personal brand

Twitter is one of the social networks preferred by users, who have learned to communicate with only 140 characters. This platform serves to meet people and be aware of the latest news in the world, but also the ideal tool to create an attractive and influential personal brand.

Although most of us use Twitter to know what happens in the world, while we shoot some dart at politicians or celebrities, in turn, many people have already learned to make the most of this social network by creating professional profiles. And you, do you want to learn how to use Twitter to improve your personal brand?

The biography offers 160 characters to differentiate you within your sector. In this brief space, you must explain who you are, what you do and why you should follow. Before putting anything, think.

In the same way, you have to choose the username very carefully. Look for a term consistent with other networks, which is short and easy to remember.

Fundamental is also to take care of the appearance since the physical one is one of the qualities more considered during the social relations. Think very well what will be your cover and profile photography, since a simple image can win or lose followers in a matter of seconds.

Write every day and frequently. This is the only way to get faithful followers who read your tweets and share your information. Think that you must highlight your brand in front of other users, so it is important that you are consistent and unique.

For the same purpose, we must follow other users to increase the chances of “follow back.” Relatively little time ago, Twitter changed its algorithm to show the tweets by interests or interactions, the reason why an active account will have more probabilities of success.

Once you have achieved an appropriate number of followers, you must work on their maintenance. Get your audience to follow you by answering their greeting messages, responding to their criticism and talking to them. Retweet those tweets that are interesting and mark “I like” to thank your followers for their support and perseverance.

Search the network for influential people in your field, colleagues in the sector or personalities from which you can learn. By paying attention to their movements, you can also improve your brand, for example by not making the same mistakes that others have made.

And remember that social networks are made up of people, flesh and blood human beings. If you stop thinking about them as what they are and turn them into simple numbers, you will lose followers, which will weaken your brand . Always remember to write with common sense, respecting the ideas and opinions of the whole community.

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