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You do not have friends? In Japan you can now hire them to look more popular on Instagram

Japan is a country where what they say and appearances are very important. Therefore, it is more or less understandable that it has become fashionable a service that in the West may sound strange: rent friends to look more popular in social networking photos. The point is that many young people do not want their families to know that they have few friends.

For this reason, they use services such as the one provided by Family Romance . According to this company, each month receive between 20 and 30 applications. The rental price is about 79 dollars or 8817 Japanese Yen for two hours and friend. You can choose the age, gender and even the clothes they wear.

Usually the purpose is to show them on social networks like Facebook or Instagram to look more popular, but they can also be used as companions at weddings, or even as fake parents to impress a couple . In addition, the fake friend can change clothes in the same ‘session’ to make other photos and look like you’ve stayed with them another day.

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