Can Cycling cause Urinary Problems or Erectile Dysfunction

Contrary to what is often thought, cycling does not cause any significant urinary or erection problems. This applies to both recreational and intensive cycling. The health benefits of cycling certainly outweigh the limited disadvantages. That is what American researchers write in the journal The Journal of Urology.

They compared a total of nearly 2800 cyclists, 540 swimmers, and 790 runners. Moreover, they also examined whether and how bicycle intensity, the type of bicycle and saddle, the use of special cycling shorts, the attitude on the bicycle, the quality of the road … could have an impact on sexual and urinary functions.

In general, no differences in sexual and urinary functions were observed between intensive cyclists (cycling more than 40 km at least three times a week for at least two years), recreational cyclists and non-cyclists. They had no more erection, prostate or urinary problems.

The cyclists complained more often of a feeling of numbness or numbness in the genital area and saddle pain. These complaints were less present in men who wore cycling shorts, when the steering wheel was adjusted higher, and in men who regularly went straight to the pedals.

Previous studies in which plasmas and erection problems were diagnosed were, according to these scientists, performed with too few subjects and without a control group of non-cyclists. Therefore, their results would be more reliable than those earlier studies.


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