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Brain Implants to connect Human Brain with AI

(12-5-2020) Neuralink Company (headed by Elon Musk) which was founded in 2016, is creating implant designed to be added surgically to the human brain by the end of the year 2020. Neuralink company seeks to implant “chip” in the human brain that allow specific areas of it to communicate with the outside world . The initial intention is to restore the ability to speak, listen, or move to people who have lost these abilities.

However, it will connect human brain with AI which will enable you to enter a CLOUD where you can download programs, languages and many more directly from the cloud. For example, you wish to learn a new language, you can simply download the program directly into your brain. All the neurons will be directly connected to the AI. It would be like more of you would be in the cloud than in your body, Elon Musk explained in a live radio show.

This implant will also act as a bridge between Humans and Artificial Intelligence too.


A bridge between humans and artificial intelligence

However, this implant can act as a bridge between Humans and Artificial Intelligence too.

“We are a brain in a bucket, and that bucket is our skull,” explained Elon Musk. The goal is to be able to read the neural peaks of the brain to achieve a “fusion with artificial intelligence”, it is not the first time that he says it . He believes that it is impossible to prevent artificial intelligence from overtaking human intelligence, so he hopes we have at least “a symbiosis with artificial intelligence.” Why not get information from the brain simply by talking? Because no method is as fast and transmits as much information as the threads connected to the brain, it is a matter of “bandwidth” as they have explained.

Elon Musk announces that Neuralink will begin testing its neural chips in summer to control devices, such as smartphones or laptops, in humans with the mind. The CEO of Tesla and Neuralink pointed out in November 2019 that these chips could help cure autism and schizophrenia by making functional parts of the brain that are not active in these people. “I don’t want to overdo it, but the potential of this is incredible for restoring motor functions of the brain,” Musk tweeted. The operation to insert these nano chips would not take more than 1 hour. It is expected that the side effects of these chips will be discovered during the months of testing in order to improve them. 

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