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Softwares for Presentations which are better than Powerpoint

According to a Harvard study, presentations with PowerPoint damage the image of your company and the ability to transmit information.

Presentations with PowerPoint are considered less attractive, effective and professional than the interactive canvases.

Avoiding the expectation of “what slide will come next” improves the effect of presentations.

Presentation Softwares better than Powerpoint




Prezi, Haiku Deck, and Google Drive presentations are some of the best alternatives to PowerPoint.

How many times has PowerPoint saved you from a presentation that you had not prepared enough? All you have fond of this software that has accompanied us for years in good times and in bad times. However, it may be time to say goodbye.

According to new research from Harvard University, PowerPoint is having a negative effect on the image of companies. The results show that the application not only fails to improve corporate perception but also when communicating large amounts of information.

On the other hand, interactive presentations such as Prezi were better valued by the respondents. Specifically, 25% considered them more effective than PowerPoint; 22%, more convincing; 16%, more attractive, and 13%, more organized.

Fluid presentations where you can zoom in on a virtual canvas are considered more attractive and entertaining, but also more professional. In essence, avoiding the expectation of “what slide will come next” greatly improves the effect of presentations on the audience. That is why it is advisable to stop using PowerPoint in the professional field and opt for one of these alternatives :


Prezi is an alternative that is based on an expandable interface where, instead of changing the slide, you move fluidly between different themes. Since its birth in 2009, it has become a favorite choice in the professional field .

Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi is based on cloud storage, which increases its accessibility and the security of the presentations you make.

You can use the application for Windows, Mac and iOS, as well as its web version .

Google Drive presentations

This free Google service not only allows you to create presentations, but also expose them through the search engine itself. Although it is not as complete as Prezi and other alternatives, this software has enough options, such as a large number of transitions. In addition, you can invite friends and colleagues to edit the presentation simultaneously.

Haiku Deck

Like Prezi and Google Drive, you can use Haiku Deck from your own browser, a great advantage over PowerPoint. This software stands out for its minimalist interface and easy to use. You can choose from numerous templates, enter text and select images from your own gallery, from free online banks or through a quick search on the Internet, all without leaving the application.

Haicku Deck is available only for iPad and iPhone through its official website .

LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress will surprise your coworkers and bosses thanks to the creativity of their presentations. This program is a free alternative to PowerPoint that comes pre-installed in systems with Linux. It offers a variety of templates and transition effects that will ensure that you do not miss PowerPoint.

You can download LibreOffice Impress for Windows and Mac on its official website.

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