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Best iphone selfie stick apps free

We suggest the best free iOS apps to make selfies and achieve the most fun results to share with friends

The selfie hobby came to settle in and companies take advantage of the situation to create add-ons or develop software that feed the greed by virtually sharing our life in real time. Frames, stickers, filters and facial retouching are just some of the possibilities offered in free self-made applications , adding a special touch to your photos so the practice continues to be fun and expand your imagination instead of becoming a homogenizing automation .

1. Perfect365

It offers templates that are inspired by public figures by attaching 20 tools to ensure a perfect selfie in your eyes, adjusting the skin tone or giving you a new pair of eyelashes whose purpose is to play with the appearance.

2. Meitu

Perhaps it is the best-known Chinese application on the market, an attempt to extend the concept of beauty by imposing Asian models. The effects it provides are varied and range from facial touches such as face thinning or eye shine to caricatured designs.

3. Selfie Cam

An innovative proposal that shoots the shutter when it recognizes your smile , allowing you to add stickers or animated graphics to compose a fantasy photo that you can share with your friends in social networks.

4. Cymera

You can combine 9 photos in a single image to create a collage that shows the 7 options of camera lenses you can choose, achieving different results according to the characteristics of each. It also contains hundreds of decorative effects.

5. Microsoft Selfie

Apply intelligent technology to improve your portrait in a natural way, reducing noise in photography and taking into account key aspects such as ambient lighting , your age, your gender and even your skin tone.

6. YouCam Perfect

In addition to the classic collages, frames or stickers, the app changes your skin tone according to the filter you choose. You can eliminate lines of expression, granites or stains that annoy you to reach the digital version of yourself that you feel more comfortable with.

7. Frontback

It is a tool for doing double selfies by simultaneously activating the front camera and the rear camera. You will get an image that combines the object, being or landscape that you photographed with the expression of your face at the time of the photo.

8. B612

More than 20 filters for selfies with their respective effects as well as facial recognition technology. It includes the realization of videos of 15 secondswith vignettes or photographic collag

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