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9 Strange Ways Animals Communicate

Find out some of the weird ways of communication in the animal kingdom.

Animal kingdom is strange and unique when it comes to communication. Each and every animal and species have their own unique and strange ways to communicate with each others.

1. Elephants – Use Ultrasounds with Frequencies below 20 Hertz

2. Tarsiers – Communicate at frequency which humans cannot hear which is way up in the Ultrasound range over 20,000 hertz.

3. Prairie dogs – Use distinctive sounds for different types of predators

4. African Demon Mole Rat – Use Head banging as a way to communicate

5. Carribean Sperm Whales – Use repeating motifs of clicks called codas to communicate with each other.

6. White Rhinoceros – Use communal dung heaps known as middens as a big stinky message boards.

7. Carribean Reef Squid – Change the color of their skin to send different messages.

8. Coral Groupers – Point its nose at the target meal and shake its body side to side to invite other fish to attack the prey.

9. Maculinea Caterpillars – They use unique style of singing to attract its prey.

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