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5 video games for PC which are based on films

Meet the best video games based on movies that move iconic characters from the big screen to your computer

The gamer world  offers vast possibilities for expert players or beginners interested in different topics. Action, adventure, fantasy, roleplay, sport or simulation are just some of the categories they cover. In this opportunity, we recommend PC games based on famous movies that will immerse you in the movies from your home, handling the actions of the best known characters of the seventh art.

1. Van Helsing Video Game

Get into the shoes of the monster hunter Van Helsing to find the most dangerous demons in Burgundy , the Gothic kingdom replete with buildings of black bricks and wild mountains. You must choose your weapons from a large collection to embark on a combat adventure that will try to return peace between monsters and humans threatened by a singular scientist. You will acquire skills for your virtual character, as well as powers that help you with your mission.

2. The Godfather Video Game

Five powerful families fought for mafia control in 1953 using the streets of New York as a battlefield. You must form alliances to exterminate your enemies, as well as strive for respect in your family to become your leader. You begin to forge your power from below with the goal of conquering an empire of the underworld while your virtual character generates fortunes.

3.  King Kong Video Game

It dominates the movements of the protagonist Jack Driscoll in first person , crossing the forest with a wide range of arms and movements. It is also possible to personify the gorilla most emblematic of the cinema but in third person with the aim of visualizing all his actions. You will battle against huge creatures, you will jump, you will hold great objects and other characteristics of King King.

4. Batman Video Game

The story begins with the seizure of the Joker as leader in an asylum that holds the most dangerous psychopaths . Batman will be practically in charge to return the order to the cells of maximum security , avoiding a rebellion or flight of subjects that threaten the population. During the game will appear the supervillana Harley Quinn as another adversary with which you must fight.

5. Toy Story Video Game

The friendly characters of Pixar meet in a video game based on the third installment of the saga. You will experience adventures counted during the film but you will also be able to create your own story of toys thanks to the Toy-Box mode that allows you to arm your virtual world with Toy Story patterns. It consists of a box of toys that you must equip life to start new challenges driven by you.

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