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12500 Crore BMC Covid Center Scam reported by Deputy CM of Maharashtra in India

BMC Covid Center Scam, Maharasthra, India News Highlights

  • Maharashtra (India), Deputy CM Davendra Fernandes has alleged that there was a scam of 12500 crore in BMAC Covid Center. (12500 Crore INR is around 15 Billion USD.)
  • During the Coronavirus, many covid centers were built in Mumbai. One such Covid center was established in Dahisar, Mumbai. It is alleged that Sujit Patkar, a very close businessman of Sanjay Raut, had built this Covid center. For this, Sujit Patkar formed a company overnight, which was named Lifeline Hospital Management Service.
  • ED Raids in Maharashtra: The recent action of ED is expected to create a ruckus in the politics of Maharashtra. The ED raided Aditya Thackeray and Sanjay Raut’s close relatives on Wednesday (June 21).


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