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Samsung galaxy note 8 release date and Pricing 2017

New York (22 Aug 2017) – Although much of its body and technical characteristics are already known, it remains to be known exactly what its price will be. But an Asian medium, quoted by the Android Authority, sheds some light. According to the media, the initial price would be about the US $ 900 and could cost up to the US $ 1,200.

USA Pricing of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The price will depend on the technical specifications of the phone, as Samsung will sell three versions of Note 8 – 64, 128 and 256GB internal storage, all with 6GB of RAM. With this in mind, prices would be the US $ 941 for the 64GB model; US $ 1,061 for the 128GB model and the US $ 1,196 for the most equipped internal space version.

These prices are based on the prices reported for Asia. However, AA says that prices in the US Are usually lower than in China, so perhaps the most affordable model is about the US $ 800 and the most expensive model is the US $ 1,000.

Despite all the leaks, Samsung is keeping all the secrets for August 23, the day in which the South Korean giant will present, with all fanfare, its Galaxy Note 8. Some rumors suggest that Samsung, to excuse the price of the cell phone, Would include some gifts in Note 8, but few countries would receive them and under some restrictions.

Samsung galaxy note 8 release date 2017

The Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled on August 23 in New York, but availability will be until September 15 and starting in Asia. The phone will already be in the market for when its rival, the iPhone 8, is presented.

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