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top seo consultants 2018If you are planning to hire an seo agency or seo consultant then you need to ask few important questions which will help you understand whether your marketing firm has all the expertise required to handle your project or not.


Q.1 How Your Search Engine Optimization services will improve our website rankings?

It is impossible to achieve meaningful results without well planned and executed SEO strategy . If you decide to work on a strategy by focusing on keywords random or make a link building without goals, you may get to see some positive results, but never consistent growth of traffic. What this means is that all good SEOs have a process , whether freelance, in-house or working for a website optimization agency. They will not be able to say " Let's get links from the X pages, Y, and Z, " but that " Let's start with an SEO Audit to identify areas where they can get better results in the short term. Then we can identify the best keywords in the sector. " Therefore, beware of the answer to this question, because it is very important. Ask questions about the links . Backlinks or inbound links have been a very important part of search engine algorithms for a long time and will continue to play an important role in the future . Any professional web positioning "build" links to your website in order to try to improve positions in search results . In this part, you should know that not all of these links or backlinks are created or constructed in the same way. An incoming link quality (natural or not) worth what thousands of low-quality backlinks. Low-quality links can be automated and are often used for spam link building. For less experienced and people with little knowledge of how Google works and the factors that account for positioning a website it is very easy to go to Fiverr or Freelancer and hire any link building service disreputable from $ 5. Of course, a few months later, after Google Panda and Google Penguin take a walk on your page, you will contact me to make a clean link because Google has penalized you.

Q. 2 How we will keep informed of the changes made on the website?

A good professional or SEO company will send periodic reports to your email. The most common frequency is one time per month (usually at the end of the month), but there are companies that come to send weekly updates. Before you start working with any SEO Agency, the first thing you need to do is give them access to your website (always depending on the type of service you hire SEO because it is not the same analytical consulting an SEO). Why it is so important to hire Search Engine Promotion Company that you can trust. You can lower the risk (because risks are always run), making all the changes make a website developer in-house. Some of the direct consequences of this " suspicion " that the changes will be slow and you have to ensure that there is an open and constant communication line between the developer and SEO company. Some SEO consultants will tell you no need for changes or improvements to your website. If this happens, take out the red flag. While the work SEO Offsite is a very important part of SEO, the SEO work onsite usually is much more, especially at the beginning of the project. All changes made must be monitored because they need to make sure the company you are doing SEO knows any changes in your website (not just an internal control). If something goes wrong, it's the best way to know exactly what has caused it. If you've hired a web positioning and order the latest changes and do not give a clear answer from the changes, it's a good time to worry. Any experienced Company of Professional will always be prepared to send a detailed analysis of the changes that have been made on the web registration.

Q.3 Can we see information and results of previous projects?

Finding a good SEO agency is like buying or hire any product or service. Want to see opinions, comments, testimonials, studies and know what companies they work or have worked. Do not expect the companies were offering SEO consultancy services you teach your address book or customers, although there are many who will be happy to show you several examples with customers of repute. If they do, they should be able to show the objectives and results of the SEO project (better if it is over a long period). If the professional or SEO firm with whom you are negotiating is not able to give an example of its customers, it would be a warning sign that maybe is not adequate (maybe it is because they have failed to reach large accounts yet or simply because they have enough experience). So it's a good time to ask who the client is in active, with the longest been working. I mentioned that one of the biggest problems with companies offering search engine optimization is utilizing SEO techniques short-term (including the black hat ). What they look for these businesses is to show quick results to its customers, regardless of whether they are doing something that endangers the website in the future. If you're talking to a consultant to carry several years in the market, but where customers are not more than one year is a good time to think about it two times. A good online marketing professional, either freelance consultant or an agency worth its weight in gold. Only a good SEO can grow a business from 5% to 15% per month (and talk about something constant, year after year). No person in their right mind is going to give up an search engine optimization service that will produce positive results unless they decide to build your SEO team within the company or your outsource Seo Agency decides to "terminate" the contract (which would not make much sense, but which sometimes occurs). ×NOTE: ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS PROJECTS IS VITAL TO MAKE THE DECISION. ASKS FOR THIS INFORMATION AND CHECK THAT IT IS TRUE.

Q. 4 Are Google best practices followed?

Follow the best practices of Google (and to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo) is crucial for the growth of long-term traffic. Google changes or updates their algorithm 500 times a year or so. All these changes are meant to provide better results for users performing searches (believe me, you take it seriously). These guidelines, which I recommend you read and learn, are essentially the "golden rules" organic search and are published by each search engine respectively. Violating these rules can be put in the crosshairs of Google and its algorithms, and believe me when I say that's not a good idea. In fact, it has developed certain algorithms to penalize websites that have been manipulated or attempted to manipulate search results. The page manipulations are penalized by Google Panda, while offsite are penalized by Google Penguin. When Google penalizes you, your web traffic will be greatly affected and may lose 90% of traffic (including brand). The biggest problem apart from the loss of traffic (and therefore sales and conversions, i.e. a lot of money) is that it can take months and even years of work to recover (depending on the skill of your next SEO).

Q. 5 What tools you'll use in the process?

There are many people who believe that SEO professionals use only tools "black hat." The word " tool " describes, usually a wide variety of applications when it comes to positioning in Google. These are tools that allow processing large amounts of information in a short period. This can save a lot of time and money, which is good for both you and the customer, and for the SEO consultants or search engine optimization company.

Know the different types of SEO tools:

  1. Reporting tools: While reports could be created manually, it is much easier to create custom reports that combine analysis, positions of target keywords and other SEO (most of the report can be automated metrics, which saves time and money). Link building tools: These tools allow you to create hundreds or thousands of links with the click of a button and some proxies. Although not recommend that rub the black hat, sometimes they can be beneficial (provided that use a judiciously and ethical SEO).
  2. Technical tools: Tools like Screaming Frog allow SEOs to track large sites to detect a variety of important technical problems quickly.
  3. Research Tools: Currently there are tools like BuzzStream that lets you gather contact information for a large number of people in a matter of minutes (these tools are helpful because they help to find potential customers and facilitate research keywords).
Most of these tools are very good. They help to bring a good SEO while you meet Google's guidelines. However, link building tools (or link building) are not advisable (Did I mention that are not recommended?). These tools are designed to comment automatically hundreds or thousands of blogs, forums, websites (think Blogger.com, Weebly.com, etc.).

Q.6 What kind of SEO work going to do?

This question can link to other questions and see but if not clear, make sure you ask the question at some point. The company or professional that you hire SEO service should do at least one basic technical SEO audit website once the contract is signed. If this is not part of its processes, it is another sign that is not good SEO. Technical SEO SEO involves many aspects that search engines continue to demand. For example, to find and deal with bugs crawling the pages 404, problems with redirections and evaluation of navigation within the website are aspects that are part of an SEO audit basic technique. ×NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF WORK SEO WILL PERFORM FREELANCE OR AGENCY SEO ON YOUR WEBSITE BEFORE THE END OF THE MEETING.

Q.7 Can you guarantee that we will get top positions in at least one search term?

This is an easy way to catch SEO marketers who think only sell and differentiate decent professionals. If a freelance or optimization company tries to sell their services web positioning, it is very likely to be willing to first guarantee positions in Google search results. Anyway, this is a bit tricky, and you need to know it: no one can guarantee top spot every time, especially if you have not specified a period. Here I explain some reasons: No SEO knows the Google algorithm 100 %: Google frightening numbers. In the first months of 2017, it had revenues of more than $34,300 million. Most of these revenues are only possible thanks to its search engine. If someone in your claims to know the exact algorithm then it is an utter lie (If so, you could earn much more money than you earn as a consultant). Nobody knows what the next Google algorithm change: Google changes its algorithm one time per day on average. Unless you work at Google (and still rather doubt it), you can not know what changes Google will in the future (you could guess, but it would have to be prepared to be wrong quite often). Penalties can come from anywhere and for any reason: Sanctions can be algorithmic (Google Panda or Penguin) or manual. Google does not usually filter websites when they go to make certain changes in its algorithm ( which is why you need to keep abreast of changes ). The next update of the Penguin could be published within a week, a month or a year (also, manual checks and penalties can be activated at any time). What all this means is that any search engine optimization company should be able to increase search traffic, but can never guarantee the positioning of certain keywords. If at any time you promise something, distrusts. Here I would like to make an important caveat. Some CEOs may come to ask for the target keyword you want to position or may suggest. If you want to position a keyword relatively easy, they can get to offer a guarantee. Note that provide security and guarantee rank for a keyword are different things. If you offer a guarantee means that you will trust the first position by keywords without much competition and, if they do not get it, they 'll give you some refund. Such guarantees are fine although, as always, be careful because it could lead to aggressive positioning for short-term results, which can be harmful in the future (you have said that a penalty is the worst you can go ?). ×NOTE: TO PROVIDE A WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE RANK FOR A KEYWORD ARE DIFFERENT THINGS. CAREFULLY READ THE SMALL PRINT AND MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT INCUR MALICIOUS ACTIONS THAT WILL POSITION THEMSELVES IN A FEW MONTHS, BUT THEY BECOME A FUTURE PENALTY.

Q.8 How often and how you are alerting the work done?

I've already said that there are companies with web positioning services that report on the changes made on the website, but it would have to add the report to its activity and results. From my point of view, I recommend a monthly report (which is standard) or, at most, one every 15 days. If you prefer a different frequency of reporting, most SEO agencies will be happy to accommodate it. All these monthly reports should include the following: Summary of activities: This report should include details about email campaigns, creating new content and inbound links. Search Traffic: One of the most important benchmark of the progress of an SEO project is an increase in search traffic, so there must be a report analyzing your search traffic that month and including the percentage change compared with the previous month and the same month last year. SERP Positions report: If you are positioning your main keywords, you receive a quick update on each report its position on the competition. Conversions : One of the most important reports of all because it tells you the number of visits (to search traffic) you are turning your sales funnel (no conversion, no return on investment, regardless of the amount of search traffic).

Q.9 How do we do to pay your SEO services?

It's time to bring it up to economic . There are several companies offering search engine positioning services using different payment structures. It is important to know how and when you'll pay so that you can anticipate it in your budget. Since website optimization can be done in many different ways, many consultants held office during the project, according to the objectives are met or not. A TOP SEO CONSULTANT WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD. HE THINKS THEY'RE PLANTING THE SEEDS THAT GATHER WITHIN SEVERAL MONTHS, SO BE SURE TO PAY THEM AS GOD INTENDED FOR THE JOB IS WELL DONE AND YOU CAN REAP THE REWARDS.

Q.10 How do we contact you?

SEO projects are different from other digital services because they do not need to contact the website optimization company several times a month. However, if something goes wrong or a major problem arises want to discuss, you want to be able to get a response from the company you are working on your SEO as soon as possible. Find out what communication methods they prefer and tell them yours (should ask you anyway, but you never know). ×NOTE: QUESTION HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (IF THE PAGE IS DROPPED OR SEARCH TRAFFIC IS DRASTICALLY REDUCED). IT CAN SURELY BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A QUICK SOLUTION OR TOTAL CHAOS.

# 11 How can you help us with other marketing efforts we are making?

The (SEO) to position a website is no longer separated from digital marketing and above should be a system that works perfectly seamless (not always the case, but that is the goal). Because of this, many agencies and consultants have rebranded themselves as "digital marketing" or "inbound marketing specialists." While they are almost the same, I will try to explain what each: Digital marketing: essentially it covers all parts of online marketing, including inbound marketing (these professionals often have experience in PPC, email marketing, SEO and other marketing branches). Inbound marketing Focuses on the content creation of all kinds to attract and capture links that can improve web traffic from organic search. Therefore, when you search for an SEO specialist, do not discard the agencies automatically call themselves marketing consultants because they often tend to have on your team and specialists can provide other valuable services. In fact, they can help with SEO and other things that are very important (advertising, content, email marketing, etc.). ×ANALYZES WELL, HE CAN DO SEO PROFESSIONAL OR AGENCY YOU HIRE AND, HOPEFULLY, CAN DOMINATE OTHER ASPECTS OF DIGITAL MARKETING AND HELP YOU IMPROVE IN OTHER ASPECTS.

Q.12 What happens if we cancel the contract?

This is to protect yourself, a lifesaver. It is important to know where you're getting into . It is understandable that most SEO professionals want to sign at least a minimum period (usually two months). It takes time for the SEO make changes and still need more time for these changes produce significant results (SEO project is a medium to long-term ). At the same time, if your company has difficulty during the SEO project and suddenly can not afford to pay any positioning service, it is important to know the options you have (rare, but it happens). In fact, I can think of other techniques/ scenarios where you are going to want to break the contract : Disappointment with the SEO work because it does not produce any positive results. Your marketing department now wants to focus resources on a different source of traffic. ×NOTE: FIND OUT IF THEY ARE TO INCLUDE EXTRA CHARGES IF CANCELED THE CONTRACT IT IN ADVANCE. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU READ, ASK TO BE CHANGED IF NECESSARY.

Q.13 Have you worked with web pages penalized?

The penalties for Google and other search engines were not part of the landscape SEO until a few years ago. Google, from my point of view, it has fatal because, rather than penalize websites for violating certain guidelines from the beginning (e.g., building links from spam sites), devaluing those inbound links. Once Google was able to accurately determine which sites were using spam techniques (black hat) to position began to penalize right and left. Since 2011 or so, manual and algorithmic penalties have soared. If you go to hire SEO has been working in the sector, at least for a couple of years, you have no doubt been involved in some work of cleaning links. When a site is penalized, it is not easy to recover the traffic had before. Think of it as an athlete who dopa, the day you stop doping, will not pay the same, because here the same. However, and this is a positive for any professional who is dedicated to SEO, they can achieve very high recovery rate.

Q.14 Are you up to date with the latest algorithm changes Google?

Earlier I mentioned that Google publishes about 500 algorithm changes a year, right? Okay, so not all are important. Most of them have a very slight impact on websites. There is, however, a few updates that are important enough to be very attentive to them (any SEO should be familiar with them). The aim of all this is to filter SEOs who are inexperienced or those who are trying to make quick money without having required experience in the sector. You want (and need) to stay abreast of news about search engine industry. Ideally , actively participate in forums and other communities SEO (this would be a sign that he likes his work and reading experiences of other professionals). One way is to test this quickly is to ask you to name some of the latest algorithm changes (the most important).

# 15 How are you going to adapt the strategy to target my industry?

From my experience, most entrepreneurs and SMEs are reluctant to invest in Search Engine Optimization or Marketing because they are not sure will work in your industry (and ignorance). If these words you feel identified, do not worry, it's not necessarily bad. In fact, not all website positioning strategies will work for your website and your industry. That said, a good Website Ranking Agency know to develop and tailor a custom strategy that works for almost any industry. No need to know your industry thoroughly, since it has a very important work of previous research and ends up knowing better than you (at least at the level of the Internet). ×YOUR SEO AGENCY SHOULD ANALYZE YOUR INDUSTRY TO IMPLEMENT A WINNING STRATEGY. IN FACT, IT IS A VERY COMMON MISCONCEPTION THAT "BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY" IS WORSE PROFESSIONAL.

Q.16 How do you determine your success?

If your ranking expectations are not met, you'll feel bad and frustrated. The clearer you get what-what you can expect from SEO you have hired, either consultant or in-house agency, and better understand the goals you pursue, the lower the frustration of both. These questions are intended to shed some light on how it determines the SEO professional if your work has been successful
  1. Does aimed at increasing traffic X% Y months?
  2. What will X% increase have the keywords in a specific metric?
  3. Do you think successful positioning the main keyword on the first page of Google results?
No matter the answer for you, because the goal is to help you determine whether a successful outcome justifies the investment that you are about to do. Also, question: What metrics monitors? If this question did not arise or not you made when you asked about the reports presented, opportunity. It is a very easy way to differentiate from the rest experienced SEOs. Almost any SEO will tell you the following: Positioning and monitoring of keywords. Traffic from the organic search. On-page metrics (bounce rate, time on page load , etc.). But in most cases, only solid SEO freelancers and companies mentioned one of these two: Return on investment (ROI) and conversions. While it is important to know the ranking of keywords and increase organic traffic, actually they mean little. What you want is that search traffic returns a positive income and help your brand or business. ×NOTE: ALL THESE METRICS GO HAND IN HAND MOST OF THE TIME, BUT EXPERIENCED SEOS KNOW THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE, WHICH REQUIRES SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ROI AND CONVERSIONS.

Q.17 Why should we hire your services?

This is a very open question and has no right or universal answer. What you are looking for red flags or signs, so you do not get ripped off. If you answer anything that involves:
  • My prices are lower than other options in the market.
  • I can build more inbound links (rather than name the word "quality" or "natural").
  • Blah Blah Blah or do not know what to say.
  • I can get quick results.
  • If you receive any of these answers, then proceed with caution.
Again, a good SEO professional is paid, is not cheap. Why? Because a well-executed SEO plan can add tens or hundreds of thousands of profits to your bottom line. It is an investment that requires at least two months to see significant results. If you're interviewing SEO is advising you to take shortcuts or be extremely aggressive in building links, it is best to go to the next candidate. ×ALTHOUGH IT IS AN OPEN QUESTION, IT IS A GOOD TIME TO SEE WHAT HE'S DONE FREELANCE OR SEO AGENCY AND ITS GOALS MORE AGGRESSIVE. Ask the right questions to get all the answers you need Again, remember that optimizing a website position in search engines or SEO is a long-term investment. It will surely take months to get results and, if not finally there, it will be clear. Many of the questions I have explained to you in this article are designed to help filter or catch those businesses or professionals unreliable SEO that can get you in trouble rather than help. Ask as many questions as necessary to ensure that find an SEO in which you can trust. In fact, I must warn you it is not easy because many people a course "of dubious origin" are without credentials and the world are at the service your web positioning service. What happens? That you hire the service, you lees (because it has no knowledge to do well) and when you have the problem, you realize that nobody gives hard to pesetas.

Hiring an experienced SEO services Company is not cheap!

It requires a lot of knowledge (also has to be continuous) and knows thoroughly to Google (in case you did not know, Google makes updates their algorithms every month). Do not believe who promise you the moon and the stars for $100 a month, because it is not possible. While the market analyzes and chosen based on the work performed, their knowledge, their brand and opinions from other customers.