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Watch out ! Smart Toys might be spying on your Kids without your knowledge

It looks like a macabre version of Toy Story, but the US Security Agency wants parents to realize the importance of this issue. There are criminal networks that can hack your children’s smart toys and collect information about them, their location, their name and their appearance. Therefore, just as parents take very seriously the use of mobiles by the small kids, why not do the same with the toys that use the same technology?

The FBI stresses that “Smart toys typically contain sensors, microphones, cameras, hard drives and other multimedia capabilities that are enabled to recognize the user’s voice even to place it at a specific GPS location. These characteristics could jeopardize the privacy and safety of children because of a large amount of information that can be disclosed involuntarily. ”

But it is normal that there is fear. An interactive Barbie developed in 2015 was adapted with a voice recognition system and was able to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi. Thanks to his technology he could interact with whoever played with her. Already at that time, many warned of the danger this meant for children who are aware of the risks of recording voice messages and send them through the network.

The FBI has advised parents that whenever they buy toys of this type make sure to read the conditions of use and that the information will not be shared with third parties.

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