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How to protect my wifi connection from neighbors and Hackers

In an easy and fast way, you can find out if your neighbor steals your WiFi while protecting your network from intruders and thieves. Do not waste time and enjoy the maximum speed!

If you are facing speed issues with your WIFI network, it does not necessarily mean that there is some issue with the internet speed. Sometimes your network is hacked and you have to experience speed issues.

That is why securing the WiFi network is not only useful to prevent the connection from being slow, it can also protect your devices from hacking attacks . When these hackers get to take control of your computer, it is known as PC zombie, from which they can commit any type of crime through your IP.

How to find out the person who is stealing you WiFi?

If your connection is slow, the pages take too long to open or the router blinks endlessly even if you are not using the Internet, they may be consuming your network. In these cases we recommend that you use some of the free software that we show below and that can detect any device that is hooked to your network at the same time:

You can also directly access the router log to see all devices that have been connected to the line. The address of the router, which consists of several series of three numbers separated by dots, must be written in the Internet navigation bar. Accessing this way, previously pointing out our password, you will have access to all the connections that have registered the networkuntil that precise second.

How to protect my network?

Regardless of whether someone has come to steal your WiFi as if it is not, you must protect your network to avoid the attack of the hackers. To do this, the first thing to do is change the password that came with the WiFi default. The new key must be strong, combining numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters.

Then you can configure the router , telling it to only connect to the devices you allow, and then disable DHCP by setting the IP addresses manually. Finally, it may be useful to rename the connection (SSID) and prevent it from showing when someone searches for wireless networks.

It is clear that hackers may be able to skip any protocol, but will first attack the weakest networks. If you want to keep all your documents intact, do not get into any legal problem and enjoy a connection at good speed, follow these tricks and protect your WiFi.

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