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The bluetooth is insecure and can be used to hack phones and computers

Keeping the Bluetooth of the mobile on is somewhat dangerous, as have come saying for years many security experts and as has been demonstrated once again in a recent experiment. A group of researchers at security firm

Armis has published a study that shows that there are a large number of vulnerabilities in Bluetooth protocols that, if a hacker is sufficiently skilled, allow access to computers, mobile devices, and other connected devices.According to those responsible for the study, virtually any device that uses Bluetooth technology is susceptible to hacking in this way. “The user is not involved in the process, they do not need to put the device in ‘discover’ mode, and they do not need to have the Bluetooth running: they just need to have it on,” they say.

The head of the research group, Ben Seri, showed VICE how it is possible to carry out these remote hacking by Bluetooth: Despite the potential danger of these security breaches, there is no reason to overreach. On the one hand, technology companies are correcting all these problems as they are discovered, so surely future versions of iOS and Android are not vulnerable to them.

On the other, avoiding possible hacking is as simple as turning off the Bluetooth when not in use.Finally, and more importantly, it is very difficult to take advantage of these vulnerabilities because it is very unlikely that a virus spread over Bluetooth will be infected between phones. To affect several devices, say the researchers, the source should be the one who infected them directly.

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