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Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo’s new plug-in hybrid SUV, the Tonale, will be launched with a complimentary non-fungible token (NFT) when it arrives in 2023.

Each purchase of this new car will be linked to a digital certificate which will continuously update with information about the car.

Officials say that these record will keep a track of all the maintenance and milestones to provide a well-documented history and data about your car. So far, company has not revealed which blockchain will be based on. NFTs data is stored in digital wallet just like other cryptocurrencies.

The NFT will only share that information which owner allows. However, this feature is not going to enhance physical functioning of the car in any way. It is more like new way of storing information about the car in digital wallet.

The car looks good and is equipped with a 15.5 Kwh battery with 30 miles of pure electric range. It comes with a four-cylinder engine and dashboard is equipped with 10.25 inch center touch screen that can easily connect to Apple car play or Android Auto

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