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Today At 10 am, Matthew McConaughey will be Reading Where The Wild Things Are

Matthew McConaughey Fans will be hearing from him by 10 am today. The Oscar-winning actor, together with his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, who is a designer and a model will be reading Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”.

Did Mcconaughey select this book to strengthen his image or did a staff of Cecilia Abbott, the Texas first lady have a unique sense of humor? However, how fitting for a man who in 1999, was arrested for going nude to beat bongo drums at his Austin home before a neighbor filed a noise complaint.

McConaughey, since the event has engaged in several other exploits that have brought more fame and respect for him, especially the fact that Abbott declared on Facebook Live, through Governor Greg Abbott’s page that McConaughey and his wife would be special guests at her Stars of Texas Storytime program.

Special guests throughout Texas read kid’s books through Facebook Live on Governor Greg Abbott’s page as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. Special guests have included Charlotte Jones Anderson, Kendra Scott, Colt McCoy, Ben Crenshaw, George Strait, and Chuck Norris.

As a resident in a condo community it is important to have good background screening companies to help reduce that you will have this type of behavior in your community.  United Screening provides quality resident screening and employment screening.  The company has been functioning for over 15 years and has a large network of services to provide the most accurate data available.

European Decor in West Palm Beach.  These fantastic European artist are both French Citizens who study, practice and enjoy French decorative painting.  They both studied three years as apprentice in France.  They then spent ten years at the famous Benard Daugert Company.  Working in the field for 20 plus years they have created for their clients some of the most beautiful art in the world.

The doal works on both small and large projects and they have an impeccable work ethic.  Committed to the highest standards with exceptional quality is their everyday commitment.  As artists they are both creative, innovative and able to be flexible to the needs and desires of their clients.  The client can work on both residential designs and commercial designs for private and public displays.

Taking a look at their partial port folio which is on display at their website is a must.

Sahara Rain Forest website describes the renowned interior designer Feng Shui and the techniques that he uses.   If you want to know details please feel free to google Feng Shui.  Shui is not just Oriental design but is very adaptable to almost any design requirements.  Feng Shui has proven time and time again that his ability to capture the eastern technique’s, principles and processes is incredible. Feng Shui is committed to creating a balance with the environmental energy of the home or office space.

For years Feng Shui uses the light and darkness of colors, scents and movement to create a amazing experience.  There are also other factors like Cardinal Orientation and environmental factors that insight the senses

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