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Maine Man Throws A Cup Of Bed Bugs On City Employee

Anger and frustration can make us do imaginable things. A Maine man got a taste of what his passion can do when he threw a cup of live bed bugs at a city employee. All of this came to being because the man in question didn’t qualify for a government assistance.

The incident led to the temporary closure of the office building in the area. Pest control was called into the office to rid the building of any possible infection.

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Rob Overton, the Code Enforcement Officer Rob of the region, said the incident happened after a man became angry after he was evicted from his rental building, and didn’t qualify for government assistance.

The man first got in touch with the city last month, when he complained about the bed bug infestation in his home. Overton said the city had told him the outbreak was the landlord’s responsibility.

Two days later, the man walked into the city office with a cup of bed bugs. It turned out that the man had already moved out of the infested rental room before he arrived at the office. According to Overton, the man came into the office to ensure the city did something to eradicate the bugs in his old dwelling place.

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The man’s previous landlord had told the city that he would remove the bed bugs. However, Overton mentioned that the city got in touch with the man’s new building manager to ensure she knew the man might be bringing bed bugs to the building.

The man later found out that he was being kicked out of his new apartment and feared he would end up on the streets. The city tried to assist the man using its Health and Welfare Department, but he didn’t qualify.

It was at that moment that he threw the bed bugs at the employee. The live bed bugs started crawling away. Police officers were quickly called to the scene.

The building was quickly evacuated and treated. The building was opened a couple of days later. Another inspection would take place sometime next week. Overton mentioned the employee didn’t suffer any injury from the incident.

The man was not charged for his actions yet. But the police refused to comment on the incident. “Although I have seen bed bugs, I haven’t seen them used in such manner before,” Overton said.

“I’ve certainly seen bed bugs before,” Overton said, “but I’ve never seen them used in this manner.”

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