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Yogi Prahlad Jani – Man who never ate or drank anything for 70 Years

yogi prahlad jani
yogi prahlad jani

Gujarat’s Yogi Prahlad Jani [13 August 1929-26 May 2020] became a challenge for scientists. Although, he is no longer among us but his life has surprised many scientists. 

He lived for seven decades without eating and drinking water. This remained a surprising question for scientists.

Not only this, Prahlad Jani also did not urinate during this time. It can be a wonder for anyone. When the foreign media including the BBC and Aljazeera brought his news to every corner of the world, everyone was surprised to know his unique abilities.

Talking about him, Dr. Anton Lunger Metabolic Expert told a private channel that it is beyond his imagination. Likewise, Dr. Wolfgang Morkel, a Nutrician expert, was also surprised by his unique abilities. He also told in a conversation with a private channel that it is impossible to survive without eating, drinking water and without energy for so many years. It is said about him that when Baba Jani turned to spirituality, only three girls put their finger on his tongue. After this, both his hunger and thirst came to an end.

Prahlad Jani was not only an enigma to Indian scientists, but was a topic of discussion for scientists from all over the world. People called her as ‘Chunri Wali Mata’. Jani, who breathed his last at the age of 88, remained a riddle until the end. From Prahlad Jani’s ashram to political celebrities, celebrities came and went.

Surely there are mysteries of human body and mind which have never been explored in detail.

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