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Coronavirus Pandemic Leads To An Increase In The Use Of Food Delivery Services

After the long hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants are reopening, albeit with some strict guidelines. Nevertheless, food delivery services have been busy all through the lockdown period. The Bite Squad In Eau Claire is still getting lots of orders since the pandemic started.

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“Our plan is to serve as many people as we possibly can, most especially in these chaotic times,” said Richard Lilly, Bite Squad Market Coordinator.

Lilly mentions that sales have gone up in the last few months. In addition, they’ve experienced an increase in the need for drivers at different times. He says Bite Squad has more than 40 restaurant partnerships in the region, and each one of them is keeping busy.

The manager of Northern Tap House in the area, Gretta Hunt, mentions that a bulk of their sales are from deliveries and takeouts. She mentions that Northern Tap House has been with Bite Squad for a while now, but even in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve not slowed down in sales.

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“We made an entirely new position for someone to do carry-outs and delivery because it is intense.”

Lilly says although food deliveries follow strict safety precautions, and lots of customers are taking advantage of the opportunity it provides.

“Customers can ask us to keep their delivery at certain spots. If they want the food left by the door, we’ll keep it there. Immediately we deliver, we give the customer a call to notify them of their delivery.”

Both Hunt and Lilly say they are happy they can still offer their services safely to customers despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“We are happy that we can offer a form of service to people who would like to come into the restaurant and dine with us and those who would like us to deliver the meal to their homes,” said Hunt.

“It gives me this sense of pride and satisfaction that we are able to provide these services to our customers despite the challenges everyone is currently facing.”

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