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How to Increase Storage in Google Drive for Free?

In order to increase storage space in Google drive, you can clear space on Google drive. To save space on Google Drive, you can take the following steps:

  1. Delete unnecessary files: Review your Google Drive and identify files or folders that are no longer needed. You can delete them by right-clicking and selecting “Remove” or by dragging them to the trash bin.
  2. Empty the trash bin: Deleted files are still stored in the trash bin and continue to occupy storage space. To permanently delete them, click on the trash bin icon in the left sidebar, then click on “Empty Trash” and confirm.
  3. Use Google Photos storage options: If you have photos and videos stored on Google Drive that are also backed up in Google Photos, you can enable the “High quality” storage setting in Google Photos. This allows you to store an unlimited number of photos and videos in slightly compressed quality, which won’t count towards your Google Drive storage limit.
  4. Compress files and folders: If you have large files or folders that are taking up considerable space, consider compressing them into a ZIP file. Compressed files take up less space, allowing you to store more files within your storage limit.
  5. Remove shared items: If you have files or folders shared with others that you no longer need, you can remove them by right-clicking on the item and selecting “Remove” or by removing individual users’ access.
  6. Utilize Google Drive’s selective sync: If you use Google Drive’s desktop client, you can choose to sync only specific folders to your computer instead of syncing the entire Drive. This can help save local storage space while still allowing access to your files online.
  7. Upgrade your storage plan: If you find that you consistently run out of storage space on Google Drive, you can consider upgrading your storage plan to a higher capacity. Google offers various storage plans with different pricing options.

Remember to review and assess the importance of the files before deleting them, as once deleted, they may not be recoverable.

How to Increase Google Drive Storage for FREE

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