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Commercial vs. Residential Pressure washer

Every day when you walk out of the door, the first thing many a time you notice is the grim ridden walls of the home or the office. Grim and specks of dirt are not easy to remove and often slightly unreachable too.

Have you come across Youtube videos where filthy brown colored walls are being cleaned within seconds using high-pressure water spray? Isn’t it very satisfying to watch the action? Imagine if you could do it yourself.

The miracle is possible with the use of Pressure washers. It is perhaps yet another stunning invention of the modern-day world, to make human life a bit easier. Wondering what Pressure washer is?

In simple language, a pressure washer combines high pressure with the water and creates a powerful force that loosens and particle attachment on the surface sprayed on. Meaning the high force water dislodges the dirt and grime from the surface and helping in cleaning without using any physical force or chemical agents.

Pressure washers are available under two categories.

a) Residential Pressure Washers
b) Commercial Pressure Washers.

Though both have the same functionality, many situations point out quite clearly why both should never be considered identical.

● Power Capacity –

While Residential washers have a water pressure capacity ranging anywhere between 1400 PSI to 3000 PSI, the commercial appliances have a pressure capacity ranging anywhere between 10000 PSI to 25000 PSI.

● Water temperature –

Residential washers operate with cold water while commercial washers use various modes ranging between hot water spray, cold water spray or combined force, depending on the situation.

Some Spray washers have the option for steam cleaning. However, these washers are not residential entirely but rather a hybrid or a mix of both residential and commercial washer combined into one. They are known as Hybrid washers and are suitable for residential as well as small office complexes.

● Productivity –

Residential washers are more adapted to clean areas anywhere between 1000 sq ft to 4000 sq ft at the maximum before the motor begins to overheat. In case of commercial washers, they can cover an extensive area of up to 30 sq ft during a single cleaning cycle.

● Longevity –

While most residential Pressure washers are smaller in size, they come with a generic metal or plastic body. However, in the case of Commercial Pressure washers, the body is always anti-corrosive alloy encased making them much more robust and protected.

Commercial washers include an auto power shut down option always which is not present in most of the residential washers.

● Workability

Since commercial washers need to cover larger areas and much more dirty surroundings, they generally have a longer hose with many variants of nozzle size. Additionally, the heating time of commercial washers is often very less compared to residential washers.
Commercial washers take anywhere between 12 to 20 sec to heat while Residential washers take 45 sec to 2 minutes to do the same.

● Operability –

Pressure washers are either run on electricity or gasoline. For the residential purpose, the pressure washer is most often electric powered as it is much safer to operate electrical gadgets indoor than gas powered ones.

Since industrial complexes have larger areas to be covered, the engine capacity is more powerful. That is why commercial washers are mostly gasoline powered or hybrid in some cases.

One might think that it is better to buy a commercial grade pressure washer even though it will be used for cleaning a residential property. However, it is not that simple. Commercial Pressure Washers are slightly more complex to handle and need expert knowledge.

Even the smallest mistake can cause severe damage to the individual handling the washer as well as the property. Moreover, these not only consume a considerable chunk of electricity but are also too big to maneuver within the indoor section of the house.

The main advantage point of Power washer is that it works well in completely breaking down salts and grease due to the heated pressured water. In factories, auto garage and industrial zones and kitchens Power washer do a far more effective cleaning.

One can always say that instead of going through all the hassle, why not try a Pressure washing company to handle the cleaning?

Yes, that is a great viable option, but the technicality and aftermath are slightly tiring.
From separate and pricier insurance policy to pricing and bidding for the right and nominally priced company to outlining the customer service expectations, there is a lot to check. So instead of buy one that’s as per your requirements. Be it commercial or residential!

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