Whipped Cream Canister can kill You

It is difficult to think of an instrument that, at first glance, may seem less dangerous than a siphon. But that is precisely why we have been so surprised by the news of the strange death of Rebecca Burger, a star of the fitness and French blogger very popular in his country. The woman was reported to have died when one of these Whipped Cream Canister exploded, causing a chest wound that ended up causing a cardiac arrest that turned lethal.

The first thing to clarify in the news is that it is not one of those typical  Cream Canister seen in bars, but a metallic model that is used in the world of haute cuisine to prepare all kinds of creams.

Also, the French National Consumer Institute had already withdrawn from the market hundreds of these devices that belonged to a defective item and had issued a statement in which it warned about its use to whoever had one at home.

It seems that the one who killed Rebecca, belonged to that defective lot and that the blogger had not heard of the alert issued. However, these types of accidents are not so unusual in the world of cooking. Without going further, last May, the cook of a restaurant in Madrid was seriously injured when a canister exploded.

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