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Trump Blames California Fires on Unclean Forest Floors, and Governor Fires Back

[News from the Archives: Nov 9,2019]

“You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation,” a tweet from Gov. Gavin Newsom to the President.


A tweet came from president trump about withholding aid as Trump believes that Gavin Newsome has failed miserably in the forest management. Trump claimed that Gavin did not listen to his proposition of cleaning forest floors. In 2018, the President proposed a solution to avoid forest fires. He stated that Finland prevented forest fires by cleaning the forest floors, and the same could be done in the United States. However, this claim is completely inaccurate.

Donald Trump’s claim that people in Finland rake the forest floor is getting a big response online


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The President said that it is the same old story as California burns every year, and the Governor seeks Federal help every single time. More vigilance is required from the Governor as the Governor is not aware of what is happening in other states, claimed Trump.

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Newsom responded to the tweets made by the President with a tweet in which he said that President Trump has no idea about climate change, so he is excused from this conversation. He said that scientists issued warnings that climate change could trigger forest fires in California and other states, and President simply ignored everything.

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Trump also claimed that it is the federal government that is in charge of the forests in the state of California. That said, there are 33 million acres of forests in California, and 57% of it is controlled by the federal government. However, this claim also happens to be inaccurate.


There are several other instances where Trump threatened to withhold aid to California. A similar thing happened in January when Trump instructed FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to withhold any aid to California unless they put their acts together. However, FEMA denied such accusations and said that the President did not issue such orders.

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