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When BBC journalist Andrew Neil challenged Boris Johnson to commit to interview

(6 Dec, 2019, London)Mr.Andrew Nil (Paisley, Scotland, 70 years old) is a journalist who provokes opinions for all tastes. Robust, faced, incisive, agile, with an extraordinary ability to clear nonsense or manual arguments from his interviews and informed in detail. Until now. Boris Johnson, the most iconoclastic candidate for British politics in decades, decided that he would prefer to dodge this interview with BBC. Neil’s live, on-camera response has sparked a seizure in the UK and inflicted more damage on the still prime minister than all of his rivals’ combined attacks. “We have been asking him for a date, an hour, a place to interview for weeks. There has been no response, “Neil began his speech on the BBC’s Politics Live program. He had just interviewed ultra-nationalist Nigel Farage.

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During the interview, Andrew reserved the final blow for the absent guest (Boris Johnson). “No politician is obliged to confront an interviewer if they do not want to, but we have spent decades doing these interviews on the election campaign at the BBC to scrutinize and hold accountable those who want to govern us. This is a democracy, “he said.

Neil had all the questions he wanted to ask Johnson. “Why on so many occasions, throughout his career as a journalist or as a politician, have his critics, and even his closest allies, expressed their complete distrust of the character?” He asked himself.

One by one, all the contradictions Johnson has incurred in recent months reaffirmed that suspicion. Moreover, Neil has limited himself to stating them, as unanswered questions. Where does the promise of 50,000 new male and female nurses come from? Do you already have the 20,000 new ones that have already been incorporated? It has promised 40 new hospitals. Only 6 are expected to be built until 2025. And above all: “He does not stop promising, against Labor accusations, that our National Health Service will never put on the negotiating table of a new trade agreement with the US ( NHS). But he also promised his DUP parliamentary partners (Northern Irish Unionists) that there would never be a border in the Irish Sea and we will have it.

Perhaps Neil’s personal challenge does not harm the candidate, but the idea that Johnson decides where he wants and where he does not, especially the feeling that he avoids danger, will take its toll on the candidate’s image. “There is no law or Supreme Court decision that requires Mr. Johnson to participate in a BBC interview. But if he reaches the position of prime minister at the will of the voters, it will be his turn to stand up to President Trump, President Putin or President Xi of China. It is not much to ask me to stand up to myself for half an hour, “concluded Neil’s speech, which has swept the social networks.

Johnson has left the dirty task of responding aggressively to Conservative Party spokesmen: “People are fed up with interviews in which the journalist is the protagonist and where the guest is not interrupted. It is an exhausting format that has to change to attract and inform viewers again”, they have said since the Tory formation. The candidate has kindly excused himself for a grueling campaign that does not allow him to be everywhere. “I am going to participate in two debates, and I have granted 118 interviews. However, it is impossible to accommodate everyone, “he replied between laughs and snorts of a complaint.

Johnson gave an interview to another of the chain’s stars, the journalist Andrew Marr, despite the fact that public television initially conditioned the celebration of one to the other taking place. That is what conservatives cling to to denounce Neil’s “tantrum”. But the meaning of all this controversy goes beyond the personality of a journalist who is undoubtedly conflictive: it has brought to light the fear that exists in the conservative candidate’s team to be forced, without the possibility of resorting to his peculiar jokes evasive and outgoing, to have to respond to its many contradictions.

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