What is mobile marketing and how important it is for an online business

What is mobile marketing and how important it is for online business

This year, many companies have realized that mobile marketing is already a necessity in order to succeed in online business.

The challenge now, is no longer to have optimized sites or a good mobile application, rather it is to attract attention, build trust and meet customer expectations. But to achieve this, it is necessary for online business owners to understand more about the strategies they can implement and best practices in mobile marketing.

Now that you are starting in e-commerce, it is time to start thinking about actions that help boost your online business. Next, we will tell you some basic aspects that you must know to be successful in mobile marketing.

What is mobile marketing?

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In a simple way, mobile marketing refers to the set of marketing strategies that are implemented through mobile devices. This means a broad understanding of the mobile audience needs in order to solve their problems.

Undoubtedly, the use of mobile devices has changed the way consumers relate to brands. People are searching for products, opening their email, updating their social networks, visiting websites and even making purchases from their smartphone or tablet.

So, effective mobile marketing will be achieved with the understanding of the mobile audience, content design for these devices and by adapting the strategies so that they reach consumers in the right place and time.

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Why do I have to focus efforts on mobile

To understand a little more about the importance of mobile marketing for both established companies and small businesses, we are going to list some interesting data.

  • Smartphone users are increasing. Wayback in 2012 ,around 1.13 million smartphone users were registered , this number increased by 27% during 2013 and has been increasing in subsequent years including 2019.
  • Mobile phones have made users spend more time browsing. Thanks to easy access to internet from almost anywhere.
  • In Latin America, 67% of Internet users search for information on the Internet from their smartphone. At specific times, people use the search engine to find information and buy products.
  • People spend 90% of their time in mobile applicationsThanks to the Apps which help customers to make direct purchase and help to build customer loyalty.
  • Mobile phones are easier to use than computers. Starting with their size and practicality, mobile phones are more user friendly, this is a strong reason why they are starting to replace computers to carry out simple tasks.

How to create a mobile marketing strategy

Like any marketing effort, companies must develop mobile strategies based on an audience and industry analysis. Technology is increasingly providing more customization options and, consequently, mobile marketing should also be about that.

So how to create a mobile marketing strategy?

Understand your mobile buyer

You cannot start creating applications or ads without knowing the needs of your mobile customers.

So to start, what you should do is analyze your audience and establish a mobile person buyer. That is, a profile that describes the characteristics of the client, but especially describes the way in which they use technology as sources of information, purchase process, content they consume online, etc.

One way to understand how mobile devices use to search for information related to your product or make purchases is through what Google calls micro-moments.

The micro-moments, according to Google, “are those key moments where people use their mobile devices to perform actions related to what they need or want at that moment. Users want to get information, go to a store or make a purchase and are loaded with intention, context and immediacy. ”

There are four key micro-moments:

  • I want to know moments.
  • I want to go moments.
  • I want to do moments.
  • I want to buy moments.

Knowing these micro-moments will help you understand the intention and the context in which the customer’s need arises.

Website or mobile application

Today, many websites already have a mobile version, but not only is it enough to make sure it suits their screens, it must also be functional. The 79% of customers who declare themselves dissatisfied with the performance of a website, say they see little chance of buying back there.

Your site must provide a unique user experience for mobile devices, and that basically means:

  • Content that fits the screen without the need for the user to zoom or have to slide sideways.
  • Loading speed, many users leave a site if it does not load in three seconds or less.
  • Make it easy to perform any type of action (purchase, subscription, download, etc.)

In addition, many e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of mobile applications to make customers have an easy way to shop and keep up with their business.

Some benefits of mobile applications for online stores with:

  • They create a direct marketing channel.
  • It allows the brand to be available at all times to the customer.
  • Improves customer participation and gives value.
  • Strengthen the brand.

If you think mobile applications are for large companies like Amazon or Facebook, you have to know that small businesses have many opportunities, but you need to find the best way to adapt your business to a mobile application.

Final considerations

The mobile marketing is not an isolated effort, are actions that must go hand in hand with your digital marketing actions.

So start optimizing your strategies and make your site adapt to the new market needs. Do not forget to measure and improve your actions to be more successful.


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