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Valet Parking Software: Why is it needed?

car parking
car parking

The world of digitization has been improving the efficiency of work by enhancing every service. Similarly, the robust features of parking digitization from self-parking to the automated one are end to end enhanced. Also, it provides on-premises parking facilities.

Valet Parking Software is a cost-effective mobile and desktop tool that provides significant help to the parking operator. It automates tasks like enforcing, issuing, and facilitating parking. It is greatly helpful in managing vehicles, ticket reservations, and more.  It is the fastest and safest option.

Municipalities and private parking operators are getting benefits from parking enforcement solutions. Many restaurants, stores, hotels, schools, and other businesses have started this service.

Why is valet parking software needed?

1) Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Eliminating the nuisance of waiting time, you can offer better customer service with the help of the software. All formalities like billing and ticketing are now possible by using mobile devices. The more customer experience you improve, the more people will attract towards your service.

2) Reduce Labor Costs

You would have hired supervisors, parking operators, or valets. But it’s the time to lower your labor costs and take up the substitute for valet parking software.

3) Generate Productivity Reports

The software generates automated reports about the performance. Then the enhanced reporting is sent to the registered email automatically.

4) Record every second with photo-based system

You can monitor the vehicle status through your desktop with the help of a recording feature that records everything about arrival, departure, and in between seconds of a vehicle entered in your premises.

The photo-based system is beneficial in the identification process as it clicks photos of the situation frequently, which are recorded automatically. Thus, the technology can quickly strengthen security.

5) Fee collection

Integrating parking charges to guest folios, you can receive the collected fee hourly or on a fixed basis which is transferred to your account automatically. Also, credit card transactions are unlimited.

6) Liability for damage claims

As there is a facility of a trustworthy identification process, you can monitor any damage happening to the vehicle. Or you can also save yourself from fraudulent customer claims.

7) It is integrated with all widely known hotel management systems, gate arms, flight trackers, and parking systems.

8) One can receive print receipts through printing tools whenever required having the option of real-time data gathering and analysis.

9) Increase in revenue

Firstly, delivering high-quality customer service can allure more customers. Secondly, reduced labor costs will increase your revenue. Thirdly, liability for damage claims can reduce your extra expenses.

10) Convenience to you

Now you need to get relaxed having no worries about conventional systems like paperwork, personal supervising, security, or ticketing.

Did you realize the need for this new, smart, and efficient software that can not only handle your duties but also improve the overall system to increase revenue and customer satisfaction?

If yes, go for the valet parking software offered by CVPS (Creating Vision in Parking Systems).

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