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Best iphone apps for young professionals/adults

Do you plan to move? Get to know these free iOS apps for young people living alone and walk to your independence with steady pace

Summer is a decisive time of the year for young people graduating from high school or university, because in both cases you may have to move alone. Those who are starting college may be planning their transfer to be able to study and those who have completed their undergraduate studies may be looking for job opportunities or postgraduate vacancies away from their parents’ home. Whatever your situation, you will need to organize to start this new stage, so we propose a series of applications for young people living alone . All of them are downloaded for free for the iOS operating system.

1.  Personal Finance Checkbook HD

The biggest challenge of living alone is managing the money to cover fixed expenses, daily expenses, contingencies, extras and savings. An application of personal finance  is useful as a support for your memory, allowing you to control them at all times. Checkbook manages your accounts showing your status and even allows you to assemble lists of the items you are paying.

2.  Houzz

Gather proposals from designers and architects to decorate your home in style , inspiring you to reach your own creations even if you do not hire the services offered. Living alone implies appropriating space, reflecting your personality in every corner of your new home and feeling the freedom to add or remove elements without the observation of third parties.

3. HomeRoutines

Organizing housework can be overwhelming when you’re not used to taking over a home. The suggested app helps you to create lists that distribute chores according to the days of the week , so that none escape and you can decide which moments you prefer to load and which ones to leave freer. Synchronize the lists with the calendar of your mobile to keep it present.

4. Hatcook

The “What I Cook Today” app changed its name to Hatcook and introduces improvements to its cook search engines and recipe display , offering more than 3,000 that you can make daily in a simple way. It has thematic collections that embrace from Italian to vegetarian cuisine and other ideas that will add flavor to your week.

5.  Radarprice Scanner Pricing & QR

Avoid paying more than the value of a product by scanning your bar code to compare the price with other stores both physical and online. You will access the different prices of the same product and you can decide if it is worth ordering it on the Internet or move you to a nearby trade that offers it cheaper.

6. Buy

person who works for the app’s service will go to the store for you and send it to your house within one hour.The service costs 4.90 and is ideal to get you out of a hurry or cover unforeseen events.

7. Washrocks

Between studies and work you often do not have time to do the laundry, but fortunately there are applications like this that performs laundry and dry cleaning at home . In 24 hours your clothes come ready to use again, with the possibility to schedule when they bring it to you. You can even hire the iron only service to get out of a bind when you have a party.

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