Top 10 most beautiful places in the world to visit before you die

From taking a gondola ride to doing bungee jumping, the most typical and topical things … and some alternatives.

Ten things, attractions and activities you should do (or not) do before you die: from a safari in Africa to swimming with sharks, from Venice to Niagara Falls. Oh, and in case you do not go, we also give you alternatives.

There are a lot more places to visit and things to do on any wish list, but since doing a top 10 ranking is also typical, we have thrown ourselves into it. Surely you have your favorites, so cheer up and share some of the most topical and typical things you’ve done in the comments section below.

1. Bungee jumping in New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand, is one of the world’s largest centers for adventure sports. Many backpackers dare every year to jump on a bridge in the antipodes, but bungee jumping is not the only extreme sport that can be practiced here. So why do not you try to go speedboat by a wild rapid of a river? Or maybe you could fall on your back sitting on a chair at the edge of a cliff … You will not say that kiwis do not live to the limit.

2. Honeymoon in the Maldives


Yes, super topical, but the Maldives is the destination with which many dreams to go on a honeymoon. These paradisiac islands are idyllic, perfect and perhaps the world’s busiest destination for lovers. Or maybe it’s just that it gives us a little envy.

3. Swimming with sharks

Okay, this can be fun. These small Caribbean sharks are fairly cute if we compare them with their cousins ​​the white sharks that are so popular in South Africa. If you go into a cage and go down into the deep with the great whites, you can always dare to swim with the most beautiful Florida manatees.

4. Take a gondola ride in Venice

It is one of the most famous photos in the tourist sector: a gondola sliding down a Venetian canal with the Rialto bridge in the background and its passengers very much in love while the gondolier sings the eternal serenade Giovanni Capurro “O Sole Mio.” Better go in Vaporetto! You will get much cheaper, and the views are the same.

5. Ice Skating in New York

Along with proposing marriage to your loved one on board a horse-drawn carriage, New York’s Central Park also has other more elaborate prints. A good example is ice skating. If you’re not good enough, you’ll need a hand to grab. The famous skating rink becomes summer in a pond.

6. Niagara Falls

Hop on a boat to see Canada’s biggest natural attraction (we warn you, you’ll be drenched), and you’ll have almost no room to move. If you just want to see waterfalls in peace, what would you like to escape to the waterfalls of Big Goat Lake in Alaska? They can only be seen from an airplane or helicopter.

7. Climb mountains in Scotland

Going up ” Munros,” if you do not know what it is, means trying to climb as many mountains as 914 meters as much as possible. “Munro” is the name given to these peaks. There are 282, so you can hurry up if you want to crown them all. Of course, what makes fewer people is to climb Marilyns, which are hills at least 150 meters high. In Scotland, there are 1,217 Marilyns … Will you dare?

8. Going Safari in Africa

Go and prepare telephoto lenses for your camera, because a lion is approaching. If you do the typical thing of getting into a jeep with much more tourists while you take photos in the Masai Mara Reserve is not exactly your idea of ​​fun there are much more ways (and more ecological) to go on safari in Africa. Or maybe you could go on safari something closer to home. In Spain, there are many natural parks with a spectacular natural diversity. And, bad ones, you can always get closer to Cabárceno in Cantabria.

9. Stay in a seven-star hotel in Dubai

Lovers of extreme luxury go from five stars to even six and are dying to stay at the seven star Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai. Maybe you’ll have to make yourself rich before you can afford it, or be famous, or maybe both. But if you go from ostentation, go out to discover the real Dubai and enjoy the local gastronomy.

10. See a Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular nature shows on the planet, but they are not the only phenomenon worth traveling. You can always choose to discover geysers, see volcanoes or explore underground caves.

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