If your boss makes you have a hard time at work, these 8-10 techniques will help you minimize the impact of your poor attitude on your self-esteem

Ten techniques on How to Handle your Toxic Boss Bully Situation at work

A toxic/bad boss is the worst ingredient for a work group. Those who do not know how to lead and who prefer to use authority rather than good manners tend to harm their employees, ruining their self-esteem and limiting their professional growth.

How to Survive a Bad Boss

According to the book “New management for dummies” by Ana MarĂ­a Castillo Clavero and Juan Carlos Cubeiro, 4 out of 10 bosses could be considered as toxic because they present some of these negative characteristics.

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The biggest problem is that, because of the authority they have, these types of bosses usually make the workday a real pain for their employees, causing them to be ingenious in creating survival techniques within the office. Perhaps the most logical thing to avoid a toxic boss is to run away from arguments and get away from provocations, seeking the mutual support of peers who feel the same way, but when this does not work, and renunciation is not an option, it is necessary to find strategies that allow better day-to-day coping.

In this note, we leave ten examples of techniques which will help you handle your toxic boss at work:

1) Remember that it is not personal, it is not against you. A toxic/bad boss is the same way with everyone and often can not help it. Always keep in mind that you are not yourself will help you take it more calmly.

2) Always act as you would like me to act with you. If he yells at you, do not shout at him; If you humiliate yourself, do not take every opportunity you have to do the same. Paying with the same coin may seem more fun, but having pity is much healthier.

3) Avoid your indirect provocations. Bosses often send encrypted messages, talk about inept people in the office or criticize those who do not do their job well, but they do it generically and without naming. If this happens, try not to think that it says it for you, and flee from those indirect provocations from which nothing good can come out.

4) Pay attention to specific comments, those that refer to ways in which you could improve your work performance. Even if you do not say them in the best way, listen to them and start putting them into practice to see if you finally stop their harassment or continue to harass you.

5) Lean on your co-workers, talk about things that annoy you instead of keeping them to yourself. This way you will be able to exorcize your problems a little and perhaps ease the burden of other colleagues who may find themselves in the same situation.

6) If you feel that you can no longer tolerate it, or you do not want to endure another complaint, talk directly to your boss and ask him subtly if you have any problems with your performance. Speaking directly will be better than sitting down or expecting him to come to you.

7) Think that the workday is not eternal, that when leaving the office you will meet friends, with your family or you will simply spend a time to train or practice some of your hobbies. Focusing on good times is key to coping with bad times.

8) Take advantage of every moment in the office to grow professionally, plan goals and think of them when you think you can no longer tolerate a lack of respect on the part of your boss. This does not mean that you should endure humiliation and abuse, but if you overwork or demand more than you should, remember that every moment in the company will serve you to learn something.

9) Look for small motivations in each task. If you assign something that does not fit and you never did, think that you will learn something new; if you ask for an endless report, think that you will test your ability to work under pressure.

10) Remind yourself what you are worth. You have this job because you are capable because you have the motivation, the training and the will to occupy the position you have. Do not let any criticism make you forget your value.

Controlling the tension and staying strong will help you cope with the presence of a toxic boss. Maybe it’s not the ideal scenario you imagined when entering this job, maybe it’s not the environment in which you want to work, but you do not have to allow the situation to overtake you. Take care to apply some of these techniques, and you will see that at the end of the day you will feel a little better.

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