Tear gas attack leaves several people with breathing problems at Frankfurt airport


Several people have been poisoned by gas at Frankfurt airport, according to the British newspaper The Independent.Police said several people were being treated for respiratory problems after the incident at airport terminal 1. “The motives are not clear. The investigation continues,” a spokesman said.

Fire department operation completed. No more measured values of tear gas can be detected & the affected area is accessible again.


Frankfurt airport operators have pointed out that firefighters’ actions have already ended and that they have not found “harmful substances” in the departure terminal. Check-in is back operational, and flights operate normally.

Airport police have posted two tweets on social networks reporting that there are six people slightly injured and that the cause of the incident remains unclear.The incident occurs less than 48 hours after a false threat caused the partial evacuation of the airport. A man believed to have mental illness confessed to the police carrying explosives in his luggage, but after registering, they found none.

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