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What are the advantages of B-Learning in higher education?

The emergence of the digital transformation in all aspects of life has brought many changes in most areas of everyday life. One of the...
gadgets for students

5 gadgets every college student should have

Recent technological advances not only serve to entertain us and distract us, can also be of great help in the day-to-day class The advancement...
smart education

List of 160 Educational Websites for Students

List of 160 Educational Websites for School Students, College, High School Students and Teachers BOOKS 1.    Actionable Books  - free business book summaries 2.    Audible  - over 150,000 audiobooks 3....
benefits of tablet

What are the benefits of taking tablet over a laptop for College Students

The laptops take up space, are heavy and are often used for multiple purposes that could blur student goals when a project to deliver...