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Sunday, August 2, 2020


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How to protect your Mobile phone privacy

It is really easy to find useful applications for the mobile. With the diversity of options they offer, and the variety of apps that...
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Thousands Protest against Restrictions in Berlin due to Coronavirus

On Saturday (1st Aug, 2020) Thousands of people (about 17,000) demonstrated this Saturday in Berlin (Germany) to demand an end to the restrictions related...
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AstraZeneca to be exempt from Coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most of the countries

AstraZeneca (LON: AZN), a London based Pharmaceutical company, has committed to supply supply more than two billion vaccines to countries including United States, the...

Why Horseshoe Crabs are Disappearing?

One of the oldest, most successful arthropods on Earth, horseshoe crabs have existed on this earth for over 350 million years. In the recent...

How to Chat Online Free and Meet People Safely

Chatting online has become more and more easier these days. You can simply download an app and chat with anyone present on the social...