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Zello, the App got 6 million downloads in just a week during Hurricane Irma

In a week, more than 6 million people have downloaded the Zello application to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irma and have become...
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Is Global Warming a Real Issue or Hoax created by the Chinese ?

Whether global warming is a hoax created by Chinese (as per Mr.Donald from America), or whether we should view it as a paranormal or...
hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma has destroyed 90% of the Barbuda Island and Caribbean Islands

The Massive Hurricane Irma has destroyed more than 90% of the Barbuda Islands and Carribbean Islands. There have been reports of human life losses and...
hurricane irma

Irma, the biggest hurricane of recent decades caught live on cameras

A few days after Harvey's destructive US passage, another hurricane is wreaking havoc on the American continent. In this case, it is the Caribbean...
hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma Continues to Move Through the Eastern Caribbean

Hurricane Irma continues to give much to talk about after the forecast of its direction for the next few days tends towards the north...
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Was Hurricane Harvey created by the government using their secret HAARP machine?

Haarp Machine is a well known machine which can alter weather. As per the conspiracy theories, Haarp Machine is a reality and has been...
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Harvey’s death toll climbs in Texas; at least 31 killed

Hurricane Harvey has become one of the biggest natural catastrophes that has hit the United States since Katrina in 2005. It has already caused...